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    DLC 3.0 April this official?

    Does anyone know why Konami can't put in any fake stadiums. I have asked this question over and over,but no one knows.Has anyone got any idea's.
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    Goalkeepers are now Better? Bullsh*t!

    I don't like Fifa one bit but i'v got to be honest the keepers in Fifa are much better than PES. Why can't PES do the same as them.
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    Data pack 2 and PATCH

    Try playing in the premiereship I see you live in London,so you know all Saturday games start in the afternoon, even if thay finish in the dark.
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    Data pack 2 and PATCH

    You are so right,this thing of night games after night games is absolutely ridiculous.I only buy the game to play in ML or LEAGUE MODE because I know that I will get day games when I play in premiereship but this year for some reason thay have decided that most of the games are played at...
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    Data pack 2 and PATCH

    No thay haven't fixed night games. Still the bloody same,this is spoiling the game for a lot of people. But does Adam or Konami listen not a chance.
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    Master league matches

    I would like to add, if u go to peswenb & onlyproevo forums and see how.many people are complaining about this issue. I only hope ADAM has seen it I have sent a message to him but weather he will take the time to look,God only knows and we all know ADAM is a God unto himself lol.
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    Master league matches

    I have tried my best to get answers of Adam and officialpes. I did manage to get a reply of officialpes saying thay would pass it on to the dev team,weather thay will or not I don't know. I did manage to get in touch with Asim this week and asked him about what he thought, he said that he agreed...