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    BAL i went in goal!

    I went 4th official actually
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    XBOX 360 Pixel editor help

    Hi, just wondering if anyone could direct to tips on how to make logos and emblems using the pixel editor, preferably for the grid system on the 360. I would mainly like to know how to make the adidas logo, errea logo, boro emblem, etc
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    Xbox 360 Editing question

    Has anyone here made badges, logos etc with pixel editor? I would like to know how to make certain things with it eg adiad logo, errea logo, middlesbrough badge etc EDIT: oh, please move this to where questions are allowed
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    BAL i went in goal!

    Well he might not be lying, because when your making your legend character, you do get to choose your keeper kick animation
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    How do they cheat?
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    potential online problem (xbox360)

    could just be your tv
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    Some more Edited Kit Pictures

    Question Whats the deal with the West Ham Kit. How are you meant to have a different number on the front of the shirts for each player?? P.S West Ham suck, go boro!!
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    Here is what the editor can do

    I suppose its edited because the adidas stripes dont go all the way down the sleeve for chelsea
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    Best goal You Scored So Far??

    Whipped in a lovely free kick with Sneider that Van Nistelrooy made a smart run to connect his head with the ball, slotting it in the bottom corner, leaving Coupet with no hope
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    Can you download the PES 2009 Demo with a XBOX Live Silver account.

    Yes u can download it with Silver.
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    Official PES 2009 Demo Feedback

    Is it just me, or can nobody else hear the refs whistle at all for fouls, goals etc
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    PES 2009 Updated Squads?

    From what I saw in screenshots of player stats, Robinho was at Man City, so they should be updated
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    Chelsea and Arsenal Pics

    Well, at least they gave Cech headgear this time :)
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    The Formation & Team U Will Proberly Use The Most In PES 2009

    I wonder if Delap will actually have a good long throw in pes09 i.e LOW, FLAT AND FAST But... this will be my Middlesbrough formation ---------------------------Jones---------------------------------- Hoyte-------------Wheater----------Huth-----------------Pogatetz...
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    La Liga Ball

    Doubt it. But hopefully we can use the champions league ball in all modes
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    fifa 09 will kick pes 2009 butt

    english good you speak do
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    Whats Really Needed To Make Pro Great Again????

    It Disturbs Me That You Start Each Word With A Capital! Why Must You Do That
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    PEs 2009 Good updates

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    NEW PES Video!

    Pffft, thats not the goalkeepers fault