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    Top 10 Additions That Need to Come to Master League

    There is no denying that Pro Evolution Soccer plays a fantastic game of football/soccer. However, game modes are just as important as gameplay in a sports game. PES’ career mode known as Master League is where most people will rack up hours of game time. Unfortunately, Master League falls short...
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    My PES 2017 Review

    http:// (For those that don't want to read all of that^^) PES 2016 was a fantastic football game in terms of gameplay. It played a fantastic game of football, was fluid slick and fun and felt authentic on the pitch. It wasn’t the perfect game however...
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    The PES 2017 Request Thread

    My bad, I must have completed missed it. Just noticed the comp section on the thread you linked. Thanks again.
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    The PES 2017 Request Thread

    This isnt what I am looking for, need the premier league competition logo.
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    The PES 2017 Request Thread

    Premier League and Championship Logos? Has anyone got any images in the correct format for the Premier League and Championship that I can use to import to my PES 2017? I cannot find one anywhere, many option files are still in progress. The one I have found...
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    Deleting PES from HDD on PS4 deletes custom kits?

    After having low memory I temporary deleted PES 2016 from my HDD on my PS4 to free up space only to find that once I reinstalled the game I lost all my custom data! My save files were still there but all licenced badges and kits downloaded and imported were gone! I never saw any warnings for...
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    What I hope and expect to see in PES2017

    I must be lucky then because I have never received an injury! I agree, I also wish youth players were English if you're playing an an English club. Makes way more sense, and I wish you have choice to sign youth players into your academy like on FIFA.
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    What I hope and expect to see in PES2017 What I am hoping and expecting to see on this year’s PES With PES closing the gap between the two by creating much more convincing gameplay making a stale sluggish FIFA seem even less authentic, this gives PES a real opportunity to get back into...
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    FIFA 16 Review {In Depth}

    Hey PES gamers, you might enjoy my review of FIFA 16, you might agree with me, i'm not full of praise for FIFA ;) http:// FIFA 16 Review FIFA has been a game series that really hit it’s heights last gen. Built from the ground up from FIFA 08, FIFA each...
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    PES 2015 Veteran's review

    I am seeing a lot of negativity on here about the game. Can I just say, you are being screwed over as a PC gamer. The real version is the PS4 version, it is absolutely fantastic, and has the option files now. The PC is a last gen port. The marketing you are seeing is for a completely different...