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  1. J

    Championship option file (PS3)

    the link to the updated version of the file (with teams in the spanish league) doesn't work "The file could not be found. Please check the download link" also if i have downloaded the original file, do i just need to place the save data file into my ps3, or do i need to re-copy all of the kits...
  2. J

    Scoring free kicks is difficult!!!

    thanks for the tip - ill give it a go next time..i hit a decent shot from a fair way out using the triangle button after i shot but saw it smash off the post!, i take it holding down keeps it low? what about positioning? line up so your facing the last man in the wall perhaps?
  3. J

    Emblems and Kits *EPL, Bundesliga, La Liga, SPL and more inside* (PS3)

    Thanks for going to the effort - a lot of people will appreciate it (myself included!)
  4. J

    PES 2009 Option File

    is this for ps3?
  5. J

    downloadable content to add teams!!!!!!!!!

    does this mean that the champions league mode isn't complete to begin with? Will these 12 teams now mean that all of the teams in this seasons champions league will also be in the pes mode? Or have I mis-understood?
  6. J

    Chants Pack

    does anybody know (roughly) how long a chant can be? I'm going to be combining a few chants on 1 mp3 file to make the illusion of multiple chants. A video on youtube (liverpool) had around 3, maybe 4 i think...
  7. J

    Custom Soundtrack question

    Perhaps there's something on the option screen, like "select playlist" or similar? I havent got the game yet, so I can't really help you out unfortunatley. 64 tracks is pretty cool, I was expecting around 10!
  8. J

    Custom Soundtrack question

    Sorry if this is a strange question, but is there a limit to the amount of tracks that can be used on a playlist for the ps3 version of the game? I'm considering purchasing one of those "football anthem" (three lions, tubthumping etc) cd's just to import onto the menus, but would like...
  9. J

    My initial reaction....

    thanks for sharing, shame about the goalkeeping and defending, but perhaps this is something that could be sorted via an update?
  10. J

    Master League Info.

    perhaps somebody could advise us the set up of the master league? i.e is the top division say 20 teams, and then the 2nd division is 10 teams? Hope so, because with a bit of editing you could have a prem league/championship situation going on!
  11. J

    PES 2009 1.10 Update today

    sorry if this has been asked on other threads, but are the transfers/updated squads included in the update?
  12. J

    Hi all

    woah didn't realise i registered over two years ago on here! I'm a long time lurker, but would like to participate more :) I've been playing ISS since the first release on the snes, and have owned all of the pes series across a few different formats - looking forward to purchasing on the...
  13. J

    PES In Tesco

    A few people have said £28 (or somewhere around there), guess will just have to wait and see though!