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    Faces by chung1972

    anybody here has a lilian thuram face formula?
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    ¢Ħλ®₤ỉξ-[14] PES 2011 PNG´s for PS3

    hey could someone make an png of this kit thanks much
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    [BIAZ] PES 2011 Kits for PS3

    hey biaz i don't know if you're still taking requests but i wanted to do a fantasy kit for the trinidad and tobago national team. if u can do it with either umbro or nike as the sponsor. they currently using adidas as their sponsor. but i was hoping you could do something cool. this is what...
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    Faces by edgar 12

    anybody got decent mendieta?
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    Faces by chung1972

    well i guess i was also hoping some one could do my face as well
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    Faces by chung1972

    hey can you do dwight yorke?
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    Faces by edgar 12

    do hasselbaink please [/IMG]
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    Your face for BAL mode

    something went wrong when i uploaded the image.
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    Your face for BAL mode

    is this better
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    Your face for BAL mode you think you could do my face
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    Players to be Base Copied before 12/10/10

    Not if you have the pc version. the only German clubs in the game are Bayern and Werder Bremen.
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    Method of leaving Ronaldinho(Must be updated before DLC7.00)

    well i'm too late. But they didn't update his move to flamengo. anybody have a face i can scan or even a created face i can use.
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    introduce myself

    lol @UDIN 23
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    Where is Ronaldinho?? PES 2011 - PS3

    no he's one of the classic players in th game now. either classic players section 1 or 2. but he's there.
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    introduce myself

    hey sminky thanks i'll look in to it.
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    We were fooled...

    you know they forgot about adding ronaldihno to the flamengo roster. now he's Just a classic player. anyone know how we can get his face back.
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    introduce myself

    Hey guys does anyone has the formula for the following faces: Mendieta, Marc OVERMARS, Dwight Yorke, and Ronaldihno. I Know i'm new but it would be nice to get these faces thanks in advance.