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  1. [FACES] Faces by maquiavelo (no request)

    Hola maquiavelo hay alguna forma de poder usar los parámetros de las caras echas en el pes 2013 para hacerlas en el pes 2014 Muchas gracias Hello maquiavelo is there a way we can use the face parameters used in pes 2013 to create face in this new pes 2014 thank you
  2. [FACES] Faces by Maquiavelo (no request)

    Hola marley72 el Nick se leería así CHARABERU que es como se escribe mi nombre en Japonés, aunque en español/castellano es muy diferente pero me gusta cómo suena jajja saludos
  3. [FACES] Faces by Maquiavelo (no request)

    hola marley72 que tal, Esta bien lo has dicho/escrito bien en ingles/ You have wrote it properly in English Saludos
  4. [LEAGUE] J-League Creation Thread

    Amazing post thanks for everyone hard work. I wish Konami could release the J league as a free DLC like the do for the Japanese version it would be amazing well hopefully for PES 2014 it may happen saludos
  5. [FACES] Faces by Maquiavelo (no request)

    Bueno perdón por el doble post, bueno Chesber gracias a ti también porque que me paso lo mismo que a ti. Y he hecho lo que tú hiciste tu y todo perfecto saludos
  6. [FACES] Faces by Maquiavelo (no request)

    Tremendo trabajo Maki gracias por tu savedata esta fenomenal y tu video tutorial para arreglarles los ojos azules a los jugadores gracias de nuevo saludos
  7. Patch details for 11th October / Data pack 2 discussion

    Hello everyone well regarding my question about the avatar I have found it. If anyone else doesn’t know go to online options and you have to create you avatar again well just in case someone else have that problem with the avatar disappearing well saludos :)
  8. Patch details for 11th October / Data pack 2 discussion

    Hello everyone well I deleted everything from PES after the DLC froze the game and I had to restart my ps3 and download the new Data pack 2 and the version 1.1 update. Well now I can’t find my avatar where is it, it used to be if my memory is right where you choose you controls configuration...
  9. Patch details for 11th October / Data pack 2 discussion

    Thanks for the response mate, I hope it works as you say well mate thanks again and will wait for the serves to be fully functional saludos :)
  10. Patch details for 11th October / Data pack 2 discussion

    Hello everyone I have just downloaded the new patch on my ps3 but after the installation the game froze and I had to take out the game and restart the ps3, the turned on the ps3 and put the game all good I get the screen with Ronaldo that say press start and the version I have which say version...
  11. [FACES] Faces by Acostasold (No requests by the moment)

    Muy buenas las caras de los jugadores de la vinotinto saludos :)
  12. [FACES] Faces by Maquiavelo (no request)

    Del Piero looks really good nice work :)
  13. [KITS] Nemisiskidd 2013 (All Requests in the Kit Request Thread)

    Hello faszarolcsi, first of all I have made the Arsenal 3rd Kit Original Arsenal Emblem from scratch I hope you can use it and like it. Also I want to apologize to the creator of this thread Nemisiskidd for posting the Kit here I hope you don’t mind and please any one can use it please leave...
  14. [FACES] Faces by Maquiavelo (no request)

    Muy buenas las caras/ faces :)
  15. [PS3] WENB PES2013 Option File - EU VERSION (BLES-01708)

    Thank you for the OF great work to everyone involved, can’t wait for the update chao :)