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    Getting better results away than at home.

    Depends on your spectator i guess Sent from my GT-I8150 using Tapatalk
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    2013/2014 PES 6 Option File - Realistic OF

    My suggested. Try to decrease the ability of all player by minus 5 pts. Sent from my GT-I8150 using Tapatalk
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    Need some advice on player control

    Yeah. I got what you mean in point 1. The defender just looking the ball and try not to catch up. I bet thats new engine from konami and let the player doing anything manual. Sent from my GT-I8150 using Tapatalk
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    Things they need to patch in this game

    I have same opinion for thats problem. And im agree to thats answer. Sent from my GT-I8150 using Tapatalk
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    PES 2014 Scoring outside the box (long range shot)?

    Well then. I cant manage shoot outside the box and goal. Poor me. [email protected]
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    Goalkeeper and ref sucks!

    GK will best if catch long shoot. But in penalty in the @$$ [email protected]
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    Defence and curl shot

    Yeah. The DF is somethin in the @$$ . even JT cant mark Aguero. Wtf [email protected]
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    Advanced shooting?

    Basic and let the player think for the best shoot. Placing or power isnt matter [email protected]
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    Who's gone back to PES 2013?

    Just wait the patch in nov. Then you will back in pes 14 [email protected]
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    Heart system

    Only work in competition. Not work in friendly game. Just to make sure your player have motivation in game. [email protected]
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    PES 2014 Tactics Thread

    The player especialy the defence is look stupid. Even JT can not mark aguero. What a pitty [email protected]
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    PES 2014 Scoring outside the box (long range shot)?

    Gk seems superior outside the box. but when inside the penalty area.....gk seems very stupid. Dont try from outside the box. Try inside and with hard angle. [email protected]
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    Can't take it any more

    Patience is worth than buy fifa. [email protected]
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    anyone can solve the ml crash problem?

    Dont play ml with match mode team. Play with original player. [email protected]