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    how to save PES

    combine with SIGAMES / FOOTBALL MANAGER [plz]
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    is there a way to fix the SOFT shooting

    power guage? holding down shoot button controls height of shot doesnt it
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    is there a way to fix the SOFT shooting

    does the patch or any mod address this? not to mention literally every shot goes [way] wide .. while im barely pressuring the stick
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    Headers on goal... Oh I see!!!

    u say "use the manual shoot button" what does this mean [sorry]
  5. U

    only thing its really missing..

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    Shoot sensitivity

    yeah it also goes into the opposite corner i aim for, often.............. besides being so slowwwwww
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    Shoot sensitivity

    so does holding shoot button down give more power?.. ive been tapping it cuz that kept it low in previouss games.. shits been weeak personally i liked it where the time you held tha button down was for height, cuz u can shoot exactly when u mean to so does holding it down give more power...
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    Multiple people in same online match?

    sry thought u were just saying 'co-op' offline
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    Multiple people in same online match?

    offline can u play w/ 3-4 ?
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    shooting and passing is so sloowww (in the demo)

    is it any better in the full version holding the pass button down longer helps but takes waayy too much time and then its late
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    just arrived

    fifa is lightweight
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    Pes 2012 patch

    i thought tha actual PC game didnt come out till october... can it be found
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    how does it differ from demo 2

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    Disable AI-pressing

    where is that in the menus
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    Second Demo, Second Opinion

    i just noticed if i dribble like 25 yards with a player, he will suddenly lose pace (when holding dash) its a problem cuz its not like he gets a little tired, its like a drop of plateaus, not realistic and way annoying.. and he wouldnt get crazy tired running only a 1/4 of the field
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    whats your biggest issue (with demo)

    SHOOTING everything else i can get over
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    Is it me or does 2011 feel better?

    cosign 2011 feels better
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    Negative pes 2012 demo feedback

    shooting and passing not firm enough dribbling with pace should press tha ball further a little
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    [NEWS] PES 2012 Demo #2 OUT NOW!

    ^yeah that would be fine except when u hold down dash