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    looping chip shot in PES6

    Charlotte... Just someone you know or some sort of actress, etc? And is it any surprise that people ask that? >.>
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    looping chip shot in PES6

    Devil, who's that in your avatar?
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    List of underrated and overrated players.

    Underrated: Fabregas Toure Eboue Van Persie Walcott (Speed wise) Gallas Lehmann Moore Barry Overrated: Ljungberg Cudicini Continue and add to the list.
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    Is anyone else pissed off with boring opponents while playing online?

    Yeah the amount of people who used 4-3-3 with either Chelsea, Roma, Brazil, AC Milan, etc were annoying. Especially considering that SBs in PES5 were poop. Glad to see they fixed it somewhat.
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    Changes to whom can do the flip flap.

    Last game, these players could do the flip flap: Ronaldo Ronaldinho Djibril Cisse Wilhelmsson Takahara Emana Milner Ibrahimovic Rosales C. Ronaldo Rivelino Bertoni Have any changes been made to this list? Aside from Rivelino and Bertoni, I've tested with these players and...
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    new tricks

    Was the V-Feint in PES5? I'm pretty sure it was.
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    Any is Australia?!!!

    There was one in Sydney for PES5. I did not enter as I found out about it late.
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    Pes 2007

    lol i mean wtf dude. PES6 is easily better than that turd PES5.
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    shooting too strong and fast???

    It feels more realistic. I scored with Henry from 25 yards out with a drilled shot to the bottom corner. The animations and the way the ball comes off is much better than previous version.
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    Pes6 = Too Fast

    So now that we agree that this is the best PES title. Can we finallly agree that PES5 was a piece of poo.
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    PES6 PS2 PSM3 review

    I wonder how overrated Recoba is going to be this year.
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    Ronaldo in his prime?

    Shot Technique: About 94. Can finish first time on the run, turn and shoot, among other things.
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    Mads-TheChamp's stats editing thread - Request Please...

    Could you possibly do Curtis Davies stats please?
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    ...and Now for something You've never seen before

    Thank you for using putfile/youtube/etc. It's annoying when people use rapidshare/megaupload/etc. :)
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    A player called Gunther

    I saw him today. He's only 19 and already has a 91 in the defence atribute. :) I'm thinking of buying him.
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    Best PES?

    Probably PES5 but there's still a number of flaws that detract from the game. Such as the offside rules, advantage played, certain bookings against you and not the AI, stoppage time, etcs. It still has a way to go towards being the ultimate football game.
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    Nintendo Revolution Controller

    It looks nice. Will open up a number of new ways to play games. Should be great.
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    Mario Kart DS Review [DS]

    It's sold quite a lot. And it's had many releases that better SMDS such as Kirby, Phoenix Wright, etc. WTF