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    Patch 1.2 first impressions

    great just update my on my xbox 360
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    1.02 Patch dated for mid-November

    are you mad just turn my xbox on no it not there the patch what a bull Shiter
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    1.02 Patch dated for mid-November

    the patch it out on the 11 november xbox 360
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    Unhappy with PES 2012

    when they going to sorted the running bug ?
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    Stutter run issue fixed November.

    when will there fix it in november will there be a update on pes 12 game
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    Your Pes 2012 Rating...

    8.5 out of 10
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    Do not buy pes 2012

    pes 12 is good
  8. T

    Is the game carp....or is it that people just can't get used to the new game play?

    pes 12 very good on xbox 360 real football again
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    PES 12 fof xbox 360 in europe

    any one got the xbox 360 version for pes 12 in europe yet ? any good
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    My impression about PES 12 Online Gameplay

    i cant wait this week when it out on xbox be very good offline
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    Pes 12 online

    any good ?
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    PES 12 Retail GAme Review , Full version + Gameplay differences

    Friday 14th PES 12 come out in UK ok
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    soh , PES2012 ... the best football game on earth ever ?

    pes 12 uk version out 14 october cant wait
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    PES 2012 v FIFA 12

    fifa very good
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    I'm selling PES 2012 PS3 - FOR SALE

    fifa 12 is great i hope pes 12 it better than 10 and 11
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    Ref: Decent reviews from Eurogamer and Videogamer for PES12

    sorry pal i have the full FIFA 12 game got it today and it 12,000 times better than the FIFA 12 demo..... and my score is 9.5 I like Pes 12 thought but FIFA will sell more copies than Pes 12
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    Is EA paying the reviewers

    Just Played Fifa 12 i had it posted today very good 1000 times better than demo very hard to defend but it good but i think fifa will win over pes again fifa 12 i give 9.2 Of 10
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    just arrived

    i am a pes fan also im fifa fan and getting fifa 12 tommrrow i think fifa will beat pes again this year
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    Fifa 12

    How many of you buying FIFA 12 ?