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    PES 2019 Data Pack 2.0

    yes,you're right, i've reseted my edit data and now is fine, i've applied also Live Update and those 5 asian teams are still duplicate.
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    PES 2019 Data Pack 2.0

    Rony, 3 times for sure if you have Bundesliga, i've checked in national selection and are 3 Witsel right now :-)
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    PES 2019 Data Pack 2.0

    it is true, the bigest issue is with those 4 chinese teams duplicated in the game, some players are duplicated already like Witsel (3 times :crymore:), Pato, Modeste, etc. I expect a live update which will resolve these issues, right now is unavailable.
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    [PS4] CONMEBOL Copa Libertadores

    yes, i tried everything, download link is broken for me, maybe the antivirus could cause something wrong but i can not afford to deactivate it. anyway, no big deal, thanks for your advices.
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    [PS4] CONMEBOL Copa Libertadores

    trust me, i use both versions of archiving tools, lincesed, updated, on three different operating systems. Or the link is broken or the archive is bad.
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    Chinese Super League PS4 By Viper12 & Gustavo Levy V1

    pesworld j league will install over PAS League too...
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    [PC/PS4] Chinese Super League

    someone can put a valid link to download right archive of this OF?
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    [PC/PS4] J-League 1 & 2

    it is out at this hour but replaced PAS teams.
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    [PS4] CONMEBOL Copa Libertadores

    this download link is pointed to a damage archive file.
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    [PC/PS4] WEHK Option File/Export Data

    PES World PES 2019 Bundesliga is UP and online, kits are on 2048 resolution.
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    [LEAGUE] PESWorld Bundesliga Squads

    yes, kits are missing but is a solid OF,, no duplicates and teams are complete, good job!!!
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    PS4 OF PES 2018 by Nicoultras

    more than perfect, many thanks Nicoultras !!!
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    [PS4] V82 basis option file

    hi guys, can i apply this OF after BOC OF ? thanks in advance for ypur suggestions :-) and for your good works thumbs up !!!
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    [PS4] PES 2018 BOC - complete OF by various Editors

    Romania national team is affected for sure