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    Just got My pes2009 delivered

    mine was dispatched today and should be here tomorrow happy days
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    Online PLayers

    winds me up when you get people with room names like newcastle for life and then you look at there profile and they use barca every game also when i create a room saying no barca,inter,brazil please and then someone comes along check there profile and they use chelsea most of the time and...
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    Goalkeeper Scoring

    to save online goals play the highlights at the end of the game and save from there
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    hi guys/gals

    new here, seems you have a nice community i play pes2008 on the ps3 if anyone would like a game feel free to add me psn id=THE-SPIRITUAL pes id-GA3RA im not great so go easy my current rating is 566 i play with juventus
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    Does Anyone Want to Part of A Pro Evo Tournment For PS3 ONLY!!!!

    is there any chance of changing one of the teams to juventus if so i'd love to play,if not could i take real madrid please psn id-THE-SPIRITUAL PES ID GA3RA