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    Overall best player in ML season

    I was wondering if anybody has managed to gain the award for overall best player in a master league season on Pro Evo 6. Despite getting most assists and most goals frequently i have never got this because the rating system at the end of a match blows!
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    List of underrated and overrated players.

    You're right, fatty ronaldo was surely that the star of that World cup lol!
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    Favourite player of all PES series ?

    One of my favourites was on ISS Pro Evo 2 - Mexican striker called Hernandez.
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    congrats to konami

    I Know exactly what you mean. When you are defending a throw from say your left wing, the right winger comes across to get involved. This used to happen on the previous game and i was hoping it would have been removed. Other than that i dont have any other real problems with it yet.
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    Gamestation review on Fifa 07, stating this is the season that Konami need to worry!

    Having played Fifa 07 i agree with your assesment of this review. Gamestaion must be on the Fifa payroll.