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  1. sweetmusicman

    Pes 2013: Bles 01709(ps13)

    Hi guys. A Happy New Year to everybody from Windhoek, Namibia on the African continent. It's a very, very long time since I've been on here let alone playing any PES game. Now that United seems to be on the Up(20LEGEND) again I'm all of a sudden have this craving for footballing gaming...
  2. sweetmusicman

    [STADIUM] PES 2017 Stadium Images

    What does the import of this pictures do?
  3. sweetmusicman

    [PS4] DFL OptionFile 2017 (Bundesliga and more)

    Regarding the stadiums; Is it like a created Old Trafford stadium or is it a stadium in the game that is renamed? Thanks for work.
  4. sweetmusicman

    PES 2017 First Pics and News!

    What new rugby game? Do you have a source/link? Thanks.
  5. sweetmusicman

    [STADIUM] PES 2017 Stadium Images

    Still dont have a clue how to get this into the game,but You Sir deserves a Bells...Thanks..
  6. sweetmusicman

    Demo Discussion Thread

    Passes still going to the wrong player,but much better game than last year's version.
  7. sweetmusicman

    [PS4] DFL OptionFile 2017 (Bundesliga and more)

    I'm looking forward to it. Thanks for your labor.
  8. sweetmusicman

    5 Stadiums!?

    I really dont mind if we only have ONE licensed stadium,but at least give us a 100 slots and maximum option to create the stadiums not licensed! I hate having 3 teams using the same stadium as a home ground!
  9. sweetmusicman

    Just picked up pes2016

    This is most recent PES for me since the 2013 edition. I didnt plan to buy the game so there was no research from my side. The first thing/disappointment for me is the graphics.Its awe full. I think it must be the worst since the first edition on the ps2. Perhaps the problem is the size of my tv...
  10. sweetmusicman

    transfer option file that works online?

    hoping for the same thing,infect hoping for a option file that has the latest transfers,stadiums etc. It seems I'm stick with PES 2013 another year.
  11. sweetmusicman

    [PS3] [Xbox] paul2478 Option File (BLES&BLUS)

    Guys do perhaps have a link to EPL stadium pack? Thanks in advance.
  12. sweetmusicman

    Urgently looking for epl stadium pack

    Urgently looking for EPL stadium pack for download,please. It's a huge let down for me not to play in proper/correct stadiums....Thanks in advance.
  13. sweetmusicman

    [PS3] [Xbox] paul2478 Option File (BLES&BLUS)

    Paul is there a link to stadiums? Thanks
  14. sweetmusicman

    Impossible to go a season without a lost

    I was wondering if anybody could managed that? I've been trying to that since forever; I lost at least two games per season against rock bottom teams while having up to 28 shots at goal of which at least 20 were on target but not one goal. Then you have the opposition team like in the game I...
  15. sweetmusicman

    Deleting latest patch

    I was so p**** after losing in the two finals. I immediately deleted the patch after that. So I didn’t really spend time with the new patch. Maybe I should reinstall it and try the settings you advised and give it some time. P.S. Yeah patch went back to Ver 1.00 Funny thing the option file...
  16. sweetmusicman

    How do you handle blowout losses in ML (offline)?

    I got wiped by City in both the FA and Champions league finals. So I deleted the latest patch. The game just seems screwed over with the Ver 1.03 patch.
  17. sweetmusicman

    Deleting latest patch

    Players have a mind of their own. Players are clumsy,slow where as the opposition seems to be the exact opposite. Opposition attackers literally run pass 3 players of mine with ease. I have been playing now for 25 minutes attacking like crazy with no goals. The passing is absurd. Opposition just...