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  1. Rob21C_UK

    51 emblem spaces in PES 2012

    Or they could be using the same database engine. The way the teams and emblems are organised seems to be the same as it was in PES1. Almost as if the game can only handle a certain amount of slots. Really weird on this gen.
  2. Rob21C_UK

    PES 2012 UK Release Date: October 14th!

    Anyone know of an online shop in Europe that I could import the PC version into the UK? Thank you :)
  3. Rob21C_UK

    PES 2012 Licenses

    You would think that every team that is in the group stages of both the Champions and Europa leagues that are not included in the 5 main leagues would be included in the Europe group, licensed or fake. It seems to me like there is some kind of limit in the amount of teams you have in one...
  4. Rob21C_UK

    Snow Won't Return To PES 2012

    Seeing as most Premier League games get called off after a single flake is no big loss. Something they can include once they have more important stuff corrected.
  5. Rob21C_UK

    PES 2012 UK Release Date: October 14th!

    I might order it from Europe and get it imported. As I play the PC version the BLES number is irrelevant.
  6. Rob21C_UK

    More teams

    I'd like to see every Champions League and Europa League team in the European Teams slot as well as the main teams from other European leagues not included in the game.
  7. Rob21C_UK

    Will you buy PES 2012?

    I will do what I did last year, get FIFA12 on PS3 and PES2012 on PC. Can't complain at £17 ;)
  8. Rob21C_UK

    New license

    With EA now the Premier Leagues official technology partner I wouldn't be surprised if there are no licensed teams this year. Even if there are two like normal, the chances of the EPL being totally licensed are really slim.
  9. Rob21C_UK

    PES2010 UK version - Incombatible version in Online play??!!

    As every router has different setups, there should be a page about port forwarding in the router setup page. It will be along the lines of typing in a description of the app that you want the port opening for (e.g. PES2010). Selecting TCP/UDP and then the number of the port 5739 in this...
  10. Rob21C_UK

    Champions League intro

    I thought the pentagon was missing this year? Its in the middle of the Champions League team selection screen.
  11. Rob21C_UK

    Differences between PC and consoles...

    FIFA2010 on PC is nothing much more than a data disc of FIFA07. The odd additions to gameplay and graphics but a pale shadow of the console versions. If I had a console I'd get FIFA for that and PES for PC.
  12. Rob21C_UK

    PES 2010 Shipping Information from ShopTo (Could all have the game by Wednesday)

    Got the e-mail too and I added the £1.99 to my pre-order. Will be interesting to see which parts of the country get theirs delivered on which day of the week.
  13. Rob21C_UK

    Only Reason Why Your Buying Pes2010

    Because FIFA on the PC is shit. Can't really say more than that :).
  14. Rob21C_UK

    Graphics and resolution (pc)

    24" Widescreen. Native resolution is 1920 x 1200 but could play 1920 x 1080 if I wanted to but why not max it :w00t
  15. Rob21C_UK

    PES 2010 - PC or PS3

    If you have both and like both footy games, get PES on PC and FIFA on PS3.
  16. Rob21C_UK

    Graphics and resolution (pc)

    I play everything maxed at 1920 x 1200 (16:10) on my main PC at its like silk. No PES game has struggled on any of my desktop configs. My laptop I play at 848 x 480 (16:10) and that plays smooth on high settings. Desktop: Q6600 @ 3.2Ghz, ATi Radeon HD4870, 4Gb. Laptop: T2300 @ 1.66Ghz...
  17. Rob21C_UK

    PES 2010 PK's

    I've only had one with Messi and planted it right in the top left corner.... Don't ask me how I did it though as I still don't know :blush:
  18. Rob21C_UK

    Pes demo on 17th!!!!

    Its good that review copies are being delivered today, it will tide me over until the demo tomorrow... Better start installing GGStudio and DkZ Studio....