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    The PES 2020 Request Thread

    Where can I find the world and Europe classic teams with real names and faces etc. Everyone is doing all these classic files and I just want files for those players so they can be complete. I have no desire to have a full on league of classic players
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    [KITS AND LOGOS] Fantasy Kits and Fantasy Logos

    these are great i wish i knew how to do the design you have within the kit with all the crazy lines etc
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    [KITS AND LOGOS] Fantasy Kits and Fantasy Logos

    the 2nd kit? the yellow one? I like my gold and red one best lol Template is basic Collar 4 Halftone gradient was my yellow color Pretty basic nothing too fancy
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    [KITS AND LOGOS] Fantasy Kits and Fantasy Logos

    Here were the kits I made for my team Dublin United. The emblem is my family crest and i have used this as a team for years now. 1st kit 2nd kit 3rd kit 4th kit...
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    [KITS AND LOGOS] Fantasy Kits and Fantasy Logos

    ok i am ashamed to show mine as they are plain as hell compared to those! how do you create them and in what program?
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    [PS4] Sharing Teams Exports

    When I added these they looked great! however in the team list when you hover over european classics, it would show: O. Kahn ------- ------- ------- O Kahn etc. If you went into the edit player area all the names appeared it was weird
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    Player Regens

    Ok I have an unrelated question: In those lineup screens, there is a 92 number up in the top right corner. What does that number represent?
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    [EXPORTS] Share Teams Thread

    Been looking forward to this all weekend. Will you state which teams overwrite what?
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    [PS4] DFL OptionFile 2017 (Bundesliga and more)

    does it crash everytime? or just the once? can you play with other teams or only happens involving Valencia
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    [LOGOS] by Konan-DY and Others

    Are we missing some? I didnt find the OFC Nations Cup logo, African cup of nations, Gld Cup(im assuming thats the american Cup), copa america
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    So how does it work, then?

    And what all do we have to create, edit and upload ourselves seeing as though it's not a true option file but just team exports?
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    [EXPORTS] Share Teams Thread

    Here is the question I have if you create a league over a certain league...wont I have to import them over the same league? I just worry about duplicate players or random players missing due to importing teams over the wrong team etc...I know it was an issue a few years back when you could...
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    The PES 2017 Request Thread

    So I have been away awhile, used to do option files back on the PS3 for the US users and this new kit format has me stumped. I have looked at blank kit templates to show me where everything goes and then the pngs of created kits that people have created...what I am curious about is, are there...
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    [TEAMS] Classic Clubs by Various Editors

    Yea I figured it was worth a shot though :) MLS all time team would work though. Finding stats could be a whole other ordeal though lol
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    [TEAMS] Classic Clubs by Various Editors

    Any thoughts on possibly doing a New York Cosmos team? I know it'll be duplicate players but at least you'd have a North American team in there too. And let's face it classic teams from the us is rare.
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    WENB PES2014 BLES01930 Option File (PS3)

    with the kits issue this year it was always going to be a lengthy wait for any decent OF. i just didnt have the time to do it maybe next year
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    no i am taking the year off. Sorry

    no i am taking the year off. Sorry
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    Stealing whole my/our optionfile!

    lol sorry man not this year
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    Stealing whole my/our optionfile!

    yea that does suck i am glad to be out of the option file game. editing is fun and all but i would rather play the game. people have crazy expectations of people who take the time out of their day to make the game better for everyone. it got annoying quickly