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    Canada - America Optionfile

    BLAH!! OK... no i have different problem!! the Edit Data would not LOAD!! its said "Load failed because data is from a different version. Dowload content and update data"

    Canada - America Optionfile

    I need help :( I download it the the OF went to saved game utilty and said "There is no saved data" So I renamed the folder to Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 and still didnt show up?? Do I saved in the game section or the photo section of my PS3??? am stuck (am noob at this)0

    Canada - America Optionfile

    SO I have to copy the original one and all the updates in order for them to work???

    Canada - America Optionfile

    maybe am asking too much hehe but could you make some teams from the saudi league and kuwaiti league??? Al-hilal and Al-itihad from saudi arabia Al-qadesia and Al-arabi from kuwait THANKS ^__^

    Pes 2009 North American Base Option File

    ^^ also the file is huge :( 6.1 mg!! but thank you

    Pes 2009 North American Base Option File

    ehm thank you first of all >>> do I save file or just open file :(

    [PS3] Full Option File List (With Links)

    This is the 2009 Option file right?? I am in USA... so does that thing WORK!! thankyou

    PS3>PES2009 : Help :

    LOL, hammer head thats how a lazy guy would do it ((like me))

    WHO has PES09 f0r PS3??

    I just reserved my copy of PES09 (USA release NOV 12th) but i am still not sure is it still same old same old like 08 with crappy graphics and glitches online.....How is the Master League much more advanced from 08 because the 08 really sucked compared to the 07 PES???? Is the PS3 version...
  10. INTER_4_EVER

    Ps3 Pesladder (pro Evolution Soccer08)

    i live in the states would it work for me?
  11. INTER_4_EVER

    Does Anyone Want to Part of A Pro Evo Tournment For PS3 ONLY!!!!

    yeah am sorry guys who live in europe the server crap messed things up
  12. INTER_4_EVER

    Online PLayers

    will i always chose Brazil and Argentia simply cuz they are my favorite teams of all poor guy i played against he chose South Korea and i chose Brazil ... lol the final was 6-0
  13. INTER_4_EVER

    NIVEA for men advert

    better then the mcdownalds one in WE9 lol
  14. INTER_4_EVER

    Bored of PES

    say or write i love football 100 times and you should be good
  15. INTER_4_EVER

    Does Anyone Want to Part of A Pro Evo Tournment For PS3 ONLY!!!!

    Please North American Players Join The League :*(
  16. INTER_4_EVER

    Does anyone want to take part in a Pro Evo 08 Xbox 360 Tournament ???

    no i live in the states where they have no respect for football.... but am a LOYAL FAN OF INTER :O you made the league you had a chance to choose celtics :P.....j/k am just pulling your leg m8 lol
  17. INTER_4_EVER

    Does Anyone Else Really Hate...

    if it shows that they have three green bars then they might have good connection