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    PES 2017 online matchmaking with network restrictions

    level 5 best, level 1 worst. 3 can be fine already.
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    PES 2017 - Network issue / lag

    that is the ping to your own nearest server (of your ISP). if you play against someone who is from the other side of planet, the ping might be over 100 easily. that's why the lag. also, if the opponent has a slow connection, the match will be played with his speed - because his system cannot...
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    hello! can I download a pack of faces made by someone, and install and use in pes.. which would work also in myclub mode? too many boring default faces...
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    Option File For PES Professionals Patch v2 2017 (All Classic Players&All Rival Clubs)

    hello! all I did was following your info: (I don't have other patch) Install: First Backup your EDIT00000000 At \Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2017\save Then Extract PES Professionals Patch v2 Option File.rar And Replace It Download :PES Professionals Patch v2 Option File.rar - 5.1 MB
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    [PC] Optionfile by sonjiru

    is the latest link including everything from earlier updates? if I keep updates off, I cannot get the form updades? if I install this patch, do I lose my saved data of Master League?
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    Option File For PES Professionals Patch v2 2017 (All Classic Players&All Rival Clubs)

    didn't work. team names were still wrong, bundesliga added, but empty slots + fake team names...
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    Liga Patch PES2017 by stanek1983 version beta 0.4 - 03/10/2016

    looks fine, didn¤t check all teams, but some national teams are not updated, like Wales for example + african countries. Can I install another edit for National Teams together with this La Liga patch?
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    How many Legends can you sign in MyClub?

    Is it still possible to get legends in PES2016 MyClub? I got so far only 2 special agents (when I won Ligue 1 & Serie A), but nothing even near like a legend.
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    I just bought the "internet cord", as it was recommended by PES advisor + Tropical (here on this thread). First match against Online Opponent - and the lag was there like always, no difference for wifi. In the match I saw couple of times the sign of bad connection (two connection bars). So it...
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    Ideas Compilation Post.

    IDEA: how about answering to questions on this forum?
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    buttons not working?

    Why suddenly in the end of the match buttons are not working well, need to push 2 or 3 times before something happens. Or is it a cheat system made by my opponent?
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    Live Update / Establishing communications...

    if this is really the "official PES feedback zone", I feel it strange that no-one from the PES-group is answering to these threads what I write. What a waste.
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    Live Update / Establishing communications...

    Hello! I feel its strange how long time it often takes from this game to move to the next step in menu. "Establishing communications" so often takes 5-10 seconds. Not normal. Also, every time while starting MyClub, first comes the Live Update, but gives a note that Live Update services are no...
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    I hope it's like that. I ordered that cable today; can't wait to try. But I am very suspicious that it will help - but I hope to be wrong. Also Konami advisers say that it's not really recommended to play this game with Laptop. Of course they will say that more and more if the cable doesn't...
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    Pes 15 online lag!!!!!!!!!!

    didn't feel any effect, still the same lag
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    Pes 15 online lag!!!!!!!!!!

    gonna try that one... I hope it helps.
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    Urgent answers needed.

    it would be fun to play if ALL the players would have 99 on everything.
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    Servers Down

    last 2 days, played 5 matches, 3 disconnections. not playing anymore until this is fixed. I wrote to Konami support, but no answer yet (I wonder if ever will. maybe the just ask me to update my drivers :D)
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    MyClub question

    yeah, but it wouldn't be fair for those who doesn't have friends (or who are socially less active/talented)