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  1. PR3CiSiON

    The "what games have you just bought" thread

    Recently bought Overwatch on PC. Solid as I'm a console player at heart but played a few games on PC and enjoyed them.
  2. PR3CiSiON

    PES 2017 First Pics and News!

    I'm happy with what's going on now. Would be good to see what changes were made to gameplay. Suppose that's what a demo's for? Can't wait!
  3. PR3CiSiON

    Fifa 17

    You're really lucky! I was playing with 2 mates, one being a girl and not so great at the game. We had to win our last match to win the D1 title, they rage quit! I feel robbed of our moment :crymore:
  4. PR3CiSiON

    Fifa 17

    Teaser trailer means nothing really. Frostbite are amazing visually but like mentioned, it's all about the gameplay. Fifa 16 gameplay wise was so boring. Limited to what passes would come off and what was underhit. A square pass doesn't work either unless you are cutting back from the byline for...
  5. PR3CiSiON

    Dribbling problem help?

    My friend says the same all the time as well. I always tell him use the fake shot, but I understand what he means when he wants to take a player on and use a bit of skill on the wing. This is why I say FIFA is for kids, as you can take on a whole team with one player and use skill moves and...
  6. PR3CiSiON

    The Master League Experiences Thread

    That's some great progress he's made. Well done! Great signing.
  7. PR3CiSiON

    PES 2017 First Pics and News!

    It does sound like an improvement on paper, however, we'll see closer to the time as the PES 2016 demo was quick, fluid and the turning was great. Keepers made some amazing saves too. The original game came out and things turned a little bit sour, for me anyway. Still play the game from time to...
  8. PR3CiSiON

    Shoutbox FC - FIFA 16 Clubs [PS4]

    Haven't been on a while, can someone fill me in on what this is? Sounds interesting. :sweey:
  9. PR3CiSiON

    What Do You Want In PES16?

    Next year it'll start, as Konami have only PES to focus on now, as they've dumped Metal Gear Solid and this is their only big outlet. No more excuses now from them. :blush:
  10. PR3CiSiON

    Are There Referees In PES2016?

    I've heard of this happening. I think it'll be patched in the first major one. As you say, in BAL there are injuries. Less fatigue though than usual.
  11. PR3CiSiON

    Just Terrible. Want to love PES again but:

    Have to agree here with the chipped through pass. If I'm playing with a team with really quick defenders, I'll have them push up, so that when I get the ball in the opponents half, I'll have them sat in their own half for large periods of the game, just like Bayern and Barca do. If you have...
  12. PR3CiSiON

    Just Terrible. Want to love PES again but:

    Judging the game right out the box is something that most PES players do. Give the game a chance to be patched and iron out all the flaws in it. I know Konami has always had shortcomings in their new PES installments, this years new one is no different. I'll judge it more come November/December.
  13. PR3CiSiON

    Are There Referees In PES2016?

    I know what you mean with FIFA 15 refs. Free kicks for next to nothing. In PES 2016 though, there's loads of late tackles and nothing is being done about it. Skill moves will get you free kicks almost automatically, so maybe that's the way to go about winning free kicks. :rolleyes:
  14. PR3CiSiON

    PES 2016 Option File - Update All Transfers 20/9

    Will this affect kits or anything like that? Looks great!
  15. PR3CiSiON

    Are There Referees In PES2016?

    Is it just me, or is there little to no fouls every match in the recent installment? Although I love how free flowing it is, it's only the lack of fouls and free kick opportunities that's lacking for me. The referees seem non existent for me, even when playing my mates and literally trying...
  16. PR3CiSiON

    [Emblems] Team & competition logos for PES2016 PS4

    I pasted all kits last night manually via edit mode. I used the paste image method on each individual kit and it took forever. Is this method the same way?
  17. PR3CiSiON

    PES 2016 news!

    Not really surprising. After all, they've done this for years. Then again you would think they'd have gotten on top of it.
  18. PR3CiSiON

    PES 2016 news!

    Got mine on just now. I'm assuming once the games launched all over the world officially then there will be a patch of some kind. I agree on the OF makers though, would be easier for everyone involved.
  19. PR3CiSiON

    What's up guys?

    Whats up guys! Haven't been on here since 2013, and feel as if I should do one of these :laugh: Basically, I didn't have PES for next gen console (PS4) and played FIFA 14 for a year and really enjoyed it. Got FIFA 15 and every time I put it on I feel as though it's a chore to play and enjoy...
  20. PR3CiSiON

    They call me the newbie

    Welcome to the forum!