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  1. Red Owl

    Bored of PES 2010?

    I think I stopped playing in November or December. Played FIFA all year (it's a far better game to play against other people with, I'd say PES is possibly slightly ahead when you're playing the COM) - when my PS3 broke, I played PES6 quite a bit - fun times, particularly when you could choose...
  2. Red Owl

    Is PES 2010 the worst PES ?

    Easily the worst PES I've played, although I have yet to try 1 or 2. PES08 and PES09 are both very arcade-y, and easy to win at, but PES10 is just a horror show, with no enjoyment in it whatsoever, apart from the improved Master League. The PS2 PES games were arcadey too, but they were...
  3. Red Owl

    Liverpool vs. Sporting Gijon

    Haha, must be another flaw in the gameplay there then, as I was winning 1-0 when I quit.
  4. Red Owl

    Goodbye Konami.

    Name some. I personally think FIFA is fantastic this year, and despite the obvious (and there's nothing wrong with it, it is a PES forum after all) bias towards PES on here, the only explicit critisicm of FIFA I've seen is that the AI always makes changes around the hour-mark, which (a) is...
  5. Red Owl

    Liverpool vs. Sporting Gijon

    So you haven't played FIFA, but you still think PES is the best game out there? FIFA has it's flaws, but they're either just non-gameplay related (poor offline game options, sluggish menu's, can't try a formation without saving it) or are just random (i.e. occasionally a goalkeeper will lose...
  6. Red Owl

    Pes 2010 V FIFA 10 - The Final Straw.

    I think you've got your ratings pretty accurate; I think FIFA's gameplay is probably a 9, just because there's too many random (and they are generally random, I can't think of any major repeated flaws) glitches. I think you should have rated game modes and online seperately, as I don't have...
  7. Red Owl

    Goodbye Konami.

    As all the PES fans said to the FIFA fans (yes, note how I am basically referring to them as if they were football teams, because gamers seem to have too much brand loyalty) a couple of years ago; graphics do not improve gameplay. I'd agree that you can't always tell players apart on FIFA...
  8. Red Owl

    Liverpool vs. Sporting Gijon

    There's nothing wrong with the gameplay? Seriously? You think that they got it perfect? I might be being picky in my post, but I like full control of my players, but you really must be the most blinkered person I've seen if you think that there's nothing wrong with (just from the top of...
  9. Red Owl

    Liverpool vs. Sporting Gijon

    As I seem to be struggling to summarise my issues with PES2010, I thought I'd just play an Exhibition match against the COM, and record how many times something wrong with the gameplay happens. So, I've gone for Liverpool vs. Sporting Gijon (the latter being randomised), and I played it on...
  10. Red Owl

    Goodbye Konami.

    The two games couldn't be more different. However, I'm not going to state the differences because I'll just be accused of *shock horror* preferring FIFA. Which I do, it's the best football simulation I've ever played. By the way, I paid my £40 on the day of release for both of them.
  11. Red Owl

    Goodbye Konami.

    While I agree with everything else you've written, this bit baffles me. FIFA has been very highly praised by reviewers, yet people on here talk about it like it's the worst alternative ever. It's so weird how people on here treat the PES/FIFA divide like a fecking war. Do you people get like...
  12. Red Owl

    PES 2010: A gamers verdict

    I have just PES another chance, due to the quality of the improved Master League; but it's just undeniably shocking. It's on the verge of becoming a football manager game, because you have to little influence over what happens in a game.
  13. Red Owl

    Improvements/ Things You Want Added To PES 2011

    Either change pretty much everything about the gameplay, or don't even bother making a new game. PES2010 is easily the worst football game I've ever played.
  14. Red Owl

    Football Manager 2010 [PC/Mac]

    I am into the 14/15 season. This is a season-by-season breakdown of my game: 09/10: Started with Man City. Finished 1 point behind Chelsea, who won their final game in the 85th minute. I won the FA Cup. I also took over Ivory Coast after the ACON, and in the World Cup, I beat Argentina 3-0, but...
  15. Red Owl

    Football Manager 2010 [PC/Mac]

    I found it hard to get used to, so I went for the easiest club, and chose Man City. Signed Maxi Rodriguez, Srna, got Nesmachnyi and Asamoah as backups, and van der Vaart on a loan. Probably gonna move on after a season, as I should be more used to the game by then. I actually have £50m of budget...
  16. Red Owl

    Assassin's Creed 2 [360/PC/PS3]

    Pre-ordered this yesterday. I quite enjoyed the first one - but as has been said above, its repetitative - but there's the potential for a really fun and unique game.
  17. Red Owl

    Football Manager 2010 [PC/Mac]

    I am finding it hard to get used to the new tactics and layout - I expect I'll get used to it. I think I might start as Man City, to give myself an easy introduction to the game...
  18. Red Owl

    3 or 4 at the back ? DECISIONS....

    My usual tactic is 4-4-2, with wide full backs, but fairly defensive CMs. This is because (as discussed on another thread) early crosses are the best way of scoring goals - so I use my SMs and SBs to whip the ball in towards the strikers (or more often, the winger from the opposite wing)...
  19. Red Owl

    PES 2010 : Gamespeed

    Didn't play the demo, so I haven't voted - but if you play with top teams, the gamespeed is unreal, so damn quick. The speed passes go, the speed of dribbling, and most irritatingly of all, the speed of player animations. I am comparing this to a) FIFA10, b) previous PS3 versions of PES (been...
  20. Red Owl

    Early Cross

    I agree with everything you're saying - although if I remember correctly, PES6 was ludicrously easy as well, with regards to long shots.