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  1. pard

    Master League Changes for PES 2013 (Adam from WENB)

    I think the best we can get is a promise it will be fixed next year. Never seen Konami fixing shit through DLC. Good thing my PES13 came by boat.
  2. pard

    just got the PC version

    I'd go with pesedit as they have been doing quite solid job for years now and they are quite suprerior to konami itself as far as editing goes (not that it's saying much). They have plenty of second division leagues to choose from and regular updates. Just hope you don't need any support from...
  3. pard

    Ronaldo (Brazilian)

  4. pard

    I agree with most of this

    That's exactly what people should be doing. Their best to kill this game once and for all and get the current team fired. I know I'll be joining in.
  5. pard

    WENB online petition - Pass assistance lobbies

    I find amusing that this came up since every player I ever met that plays full manual loved to brag about their own skills. Ha
  6. pard

    Anyone else getting schooled by AI dribbling?

    Hello, I picked this up a few days back and noticed the only way to effectively defend against AI is to stand back jockeying. It feels like that since they reworked the jockey they want to force you using it. Online I got no problem tackling against the average Joe, but against the AI I...
  7. pard

    3 things Konami NEED to do to make PES 2012 better!

    Spot on. Every team has like 8 Messis now
  8. pard

    How is PES 2011 NOT the most Unrealistic pes?

    Ok, so how do I slot in a finesse crossed shot? Because I can't seem to do it to save my life. No matter how I press the button (tapping it should be the logical way - it has worked like that for years) don't matter which player I have they just seem like they kick wherever they want to. Feels...
  9. pard

    Obscene Pushing!

    Konami couldn't fix good players running all the way through goal so they made the player defending stronger and faster EVERY time. Give the ball to Iniesta in that situation and chase him down your box and you'll see like you will shove him off his ass. It's scripted.
  10. pard

    DLC Details Announced!

    I'd rather have them working on gameplay, since the community does data patching way better than konami does.
  11. pard

    Help with management

    That's absolutely rubbish to be honest. If you play, let's say Barcelona and you need to win two nil to qualify, and you score the second goal at the 80th minute Daniel Alves is not gonna just run past Messi to overlap anymore. Nor will Piqué come up deep like he likes to during the game...
  12. pard

    Low Crosses

    Most crosses are useless since centre forwards don't run towards the goal anymore.
  13. pard

    PES Rage Thread: Rage till your heart's content...

    Try playing with 7 friends on a 6 hour tournament only to get your PIECE OF SHIT asshole of a goalkeeper to run past a ball that was HIS on the final game leaving the goal open. We'll see if you'll think it's overboard.
  14. pard

    PES Rage Thread: Rage till your heart's content...

    RAT SHIT BAT SHIT dirty old cunt sixty nine assholes tied in a knot hooray lizard piss FUCK FUCK FUCK goalkeepers
  15. pard

    Is ML really broken?

    I read somewhere here you can't pay your bills after a couple seasons without selling the shit outta everyone? How is that going for the default ML team? you can't buy shit either?
  16. pard

    Transfer Fees Advice

    Did you patch with 1.02 yet?
  17. pard

    Konami, please fix a little thing in Master League :)

    Edit: sorry mods, dunno wtf happened
  18. pard

    Pes 2011 Kitserver v10.0.4 by Juce & Robbie

    Been waiting for this, very nice! Thanks
  19. pard

    Konami, please fix a little thing in Master League :)

    Edit: sorry mods, dunno wtf happened
  20. pard

    Konami, please fix a little thing in Master League :)

    Not their fault. Jon Murphy said it's a license matter, so they can't help it. Although it would've been more honest to let us know before we bought the game. But what we're gonna do right? We're all capitalists after all.