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    [FACES] Faces by whistle 2013 (no request)

    Great! Please don't stop PES13 faces. Amazing work!
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    brasileiros aqui

    lets create the Brasileirao Post, Do I create it?
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    sorry man
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    Sorry guy, I'm talk about the numbers to edit, for example : MARADONA Base: 3/13/3/-5/-2, 2/-3/1/2/5/3/0, 0 / 4 Eyebrows: 14/2/1/0/-6/-6/-7/7/4/color: R0, G0, B0 Eyes: 1/1/-3/4/-1/-1/3, -7/2/-2/-4/0/-6, 3/claro/1 Ears: -2 / 2,2 Nose: -3, -1 / 0,3 / 2/2/-4, 0 / 1 Mouth: 5/-4/1/4, 0 /...
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    Hey guy, you have only face scan? Don't you have coordinates? Sorry because I have only Xbox.
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    [FACES] Special Face Builds - please, no requesting.

    thanks!! Greats! Please don't stop with PES13 faces!! Very gooD!
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    [FACES] faces by CulPipol (Requests Accepted)

    face building - Fernandinho - Atletico mineiro - Brasil Hi, cay you belp me with fernandinho face? Thanks
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    Xbox 360 pes 2013 option file on usb stick wanted

    Let's try 1 trick... 1º Configure your pendrive fully capacity at XBOX 360 2º At Storage option, move 1 replay file to pendrive 3º when you open USB at xbox staff the PES13 files way already will be created because when you moved replay to pendrive automaticaly the folders were created...
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    Xbox 360 pes 2013 option file on usb stick wanted

    Hey guy, is not necessary to pay anything... We help you to update your teams....I have a blog, I update teams... What team do you want updated? Let's work together! take a look in my blog: I'm updating only Brazilian teams but if you want we...
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    brasileiros aqui

    Hi Guys, what do you think we create a POST, Seria A Brasileirão Create?
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    [teams] - pes2013 xbox360 teams update

    New team updated - PALMEIRAS
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    [teams] - pes2013 xbox360 teams update

    Last update, BAHIA TEAM: Thanks for Attention enioii
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    [teams] - pes2013 xbox360 teams update

    Hi Guys, I'm here to show my little blog about PES13 teams update, I already have any teams to update like: Bahia-BR, Guarani-BR, São Paulo-BR and another teams, the link is described below: All time I post in blog I will post update here...
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    Allan Cordeiro

    where are the faces?
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    Doubt about dribles

    Anybody knows any page with all dribles? everytime a found tutorials...but all at videos... I would want a list....with all dribles...
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    PES 2013 disappointment.

    better Yes, PES13 is better than PES14....I want my pro evolution soccer back konami!!
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    Hi Rocky, The converter doens't work for face PC to xbox, right?

    Hi Rocky, The converter doens't work for face PC to xbox, right?
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    [Tool] PS3/PC to Xbox Converter.

    Face convert pc to xbox Sorry, but i didn't undestand. The PC TO XBOX FACE SCAN function already is working? Because i don't have ps3..srsrs I tried to make a photo by cam live..but is very not you have any tip for it? If I can convert face from PC would be very good...