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  1. Guran81

    Logo grid problem!

    nevernind, I found the problem and have solved it myself!!! Delete this thread if you want to moderators!!!!
  2. Guran81

    Logo grid problem!

    Hi there, I have a big problem! When I try to import some emblems and logos that iI have found on this page (great work guys! :)), I get a problem! The grid that surrounds the logos and emblem is still visible when I have imported them in the editor... WTF am I doing wrong?? Plz help me out...
  3. Guran81

    drag back linking secret move and more..

    Tell me one thing, this only works for some special players, right? (i.e C. Ronaldo) But what if I make a base copy of C. Ronaldo and make i.e Robben out of the copy, would it work for Robben then?? If someone tried this, please post and tell me how to make it work!!! (I tried to make a...
  4. Guran81

    Valeron Scissor-kick!

    Thanks mate!!!!
  5. Guran81

    Valeron Scissor-kick!

    So what? Who are U anyway? If I score a scissor and post it, whats wrong with that? I never said it was a beauty, I just said it was my first in PES 5.... And BTW, if the picture is laggy, upgarde from your P133, with 32 RAM and a 16 MB videocard, to a one that supports my videos....GFY!!!!
  6. Guran81


    Isn´t he a talent??? It´s harder to miss....a real effort from the argentinian striker!!!! There is only one Hernan Crespo
  7. Guran81

    Valeron Scissor-kick!

    My first scissor in PES 5. Had one in the bar in this game too, but the keeper took the rebound! See The Clip
  8. Guran81

    Duff from 37 yards!

    Check this out! Game: PES 5 Team: Chelsea FC Player: Damien Duff Proffesion: Sniper!!! :) ENJOY!
  9. Guran81

    Damn, this is fun!!

    Love this game ( PES5 )!!! Have scored som goals, and check out the miss from Crespo, isn´t he a talent?? Also added some real soccer clips, as you will find out. ENJOY(YouSendIt) ENJOY(Megaupload)
  10. Guran81

    [PS2] WE9 WEmerica Option File V2.0 Final

    I can load the optionfile, but I can´t save on it...and I have switched to auotsave "on"....any ideas whats wrong??? I used the .MAX file, and transferred with a Max drive, if that can be any help.....
  11. Guran81

    All General Editing/Patching Q&A for everyone

    Intro??? Started a thread some weeks ago, but I haven´t recieved any good answers. I know all details how to create a new intro to the PS2 version of WE9, all that is clear. My wonder is: what video/audio bitrate should I use? I need all details, cause my new intro is just hacking and...
  12. Guran81

    [WE9] WEmerica V2 [Patch]

    Sorry, it started working just 5 mins after I wrote that....never ming, I got it now and its really amazing stuff!!!! Thanks!!!
  13. Guran81

    [WE9] WEmerica V2 [Patch]

    Seeeeeeeed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If YOU upload a torrent, i would be nice if you could S E E D it!!! :realmad: The patch looks very good btw, pity I can´t get it because of ZERO SEEDERS!!!!!!!!!!! :realmad: :realmad: :realmad: :realmad: :realmad: :realmad:
  14. Guran81

    [WE9] SUNJUN WE9 DVD PATCH beta 1.0

    Since everybody has a problem with downloading these files, can´t anyone who already downloaded them upload them as a .torrent file? It would be much easier...
  15. Guran81

    Changing Intro

    I think it´s almost the same, maybe a bit did you do it???
  16. Guran81

    Changing Intro

    Yeah, it´s in the reefurs patch! Liked his work, just wanna personalize it a little!!
  17. Guran81

    Changing Intro

    I+m playing with PS2...sorry forgot that!!
  18. Guran81

    Changing Intro

    I have patched my WE8LE game with Reefurs 05-06 patch(great stuff!!!), but I wannachange the intro scene, the Champions Leauge intro you know.. been searching the porum for threads about it, but I can´t find me plz!!! At least give me the link to such a thread! Many thanks!!!
  19. Guran81

    My first - be nice plz!

    Not tampered with them, just changed them according to the stats found in this forum... :)
  20. Guran81

    My first - be nice plz!

    OK, then I know.... :) (I hope Zyg doesn´t dislike me now! :) ) Shame about the freekick angles in PES5, it would have been a big improvment!!! And thanks for standing up for me...(the thing from rooney rules) I am a newbie, but hey: it ´was not THAT bad..