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  1. peru82

    [TEAMS] Classic Clubs by Various Editors

    Hi, I tried to find this by myself, but the site is acting up. Is Valencia XI done for pes 2017?? If so, where can I find it? Thanks for the help.
  2. peru82

    Manual pass and crossing

    Hi guys, I'm enjoying PES 2017 a lot, frankly havent enjoy a PES game like this in a while, but I thought I was gonna make it more fun by playing with manual pass. If you never tried it, I recomend it. It is hard at first, but once you get used to it, you can make plays that are more...
  3. peru82

    Import Player and Squad Data

    Great news that you are helping with the file. I pre-order mine weeks ago and now that I know you are helping im more than glad that I did. I would recomend to everyone to get the paid OF because it will save you hours and hours plus the quality is the best.
  4. peru82

    Early copy of PES 2017

    I don't understand how licensing works, but Konami is known for not keeping licenses. Remember the year that they couldn't have rain because of licenses issues lol
  5. peru82

    Upgraded my PS4 HDD

    Once you remove the hdd from the ps4 you cannot access the data. Your PC wont recognize it as an external harddrive. You gonna have to format it if you wanna use it as an external hdd. Just plug back in the original hdd and back it up.
  6. peru82

    What happened?

    I started playing on Super Star with default team and it was very frustrating. Every game was 5-4, 5-1, etc. Playing 15 minutes each game. I found out that in SS the AI is more aggressive so every time I scored they would score right away. I changed it to Top Player and it was the same thing...
  7. peru82

    How many players do you have on your ML squad?

    I always keep it at 25 players. I play with Valencia and in the Spanish league you can only have 25 players + reserve players ( usually from your young squad), but I don't use my young team. I make sure I have 2 players per position so they have enough playing time. I also turn the fatigue...
  8. peru82

    Patch after effects...

    Imagine a game called "Pes 2k17". One can only dream.
  9. peru82

    Data Pack 1 Released

    There's a patch 1.03 being download right now. Im on PS4. What is that about?
  10. peru82

    The size of the PES Database is a shambels

    How can you be forced to remove a fake german league? They add other teams using fake names because they dont have the license, i dont understand whats the deal with bundesliga. They can also start a kickstarter campaing to add more leagues.
  11. peru82

    Data Pack 1 Released

    Konami made a statement a few weeks back saying they are not developing AAA games anymore, except PES, to focus more on mobile gaming. Konami should sell PES to another gaming company.
  12. peru82

    Any news on Sudamericana 2015?

    I've waited and waited and now what? Should i still waiting? Whats the point now.
  13. peru82

    Copy base licensed players PES 2016

    I'm on PS4 and updates are made automatically. Would I be able to delete the update in case I lose the players i haven't base copy? Thanks.
  14. peru82

    Valencia Kits 2015/16

    Hi guys, I was wondering if someone knows where I can find Valencia kits for this season for PS4. I know Valencia is licensed but Konami decided to go with all white kit, who knows why, when in reality Valencia has black shorts. I tried to play some games and it doesn't feel right. Please...
  15. peru82

    Can you edit the international tournaments?

    What I do is, edit the Konami cup to Copa America with 16 teams, with the world cup rules, then I add all the North and Central America teams. I did the same thing when I started my World Cup qualifiers. I started Konami League with 16 teams and so far it's really fun. Top 7 go to the world cup...
  16. peru82

    Can you add sponsors only to kits?

    After trying many ways, and doing a lot of testing I have to give up. I downloaded 2 different full versions of Photoshop and the kits still coming up all black on PS4. The closest I have been was when I visit and found a transparent template on a thread discussing the same...
  17. peru82

    PES update

    This probably was already asked but I can't find it. If I edit a player name, just the name from a fake to a real one, would the upgrade that comes at the end of the month default it? Thanks
  18. peru82

    Any news on Sudamericana 2015?

    Thank you so much. That made my let's wait.
  19. peru82

    Any news on Sudamericana 2015?

    That's what I'm hoping. When Konami announced the update for Oct 29th, there was a chart with all the teams included in the coming update, but there was no Sudamericana 2015. The reason why I want the sudamericana is because there are 4 peruvians teams included in it so I can create a peruvian...