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  1. Morientes19

    Does Anybody Else Hate How The Computer Cheats?!

    There is a massive problem with speed/pace/top speed in the game. U can have lennon bombing down the wing and sami hyypia keeping up with him. Stupid =(
  2. Morientes19

    four man defence vs. three man defence

    3 at the back never works unless u play with wing backs who support the attack and defence, but then u can end up with playing 5 at the back when defending which can leave u short on the counter attack. 4 at the back is tried and tested, and works really well.
  3. Morientes19

    Great players to buy and those players you need to keep in ML

    Not sure on your list of players to buy... Tmorautki - not sure who this player is Carlton Cole - no no no, can get a much better younger striker Micah Richards - Yeah great buy, improves loads, becomes great player Albert Luque - injury prone, rotten, flop Claus Jensen - getting on a bit...
  4. Morientes19

    Hi There

    Tut another Arsenal fan lol nah i am kidding honest lol Have a cool time in PESGAMING.
  5. Morientes19

    Full backs.

    Kompany is a CWP. He is good CB but not a full back as he has no pace. I would go with.....Richards, Alves, Clichy, Eboue just to name a few.
  6. Morientes19

    Young Fast Wingers

    Ryan Babel is a good player, and develops really well. Play him on the left and cut in, has a right short on him. C.Ronaldo is great on the game, but stops developing in the second season as his stats are so good. Odonkor is great lil player, one of fastest on game, and better then lennon.
  7. Morientes19

    Looking For Decent Cheap Players For A Crap Master League Team

    Larsson - Short term striker fix, class stats Dagaka - Iranian SB young and improves loads, TINY TINY player though about 3 foot tall lol =( Kompany, Solid strong CWP, tad slow but great signing, young also. Odonkor - Lightening fast winger, German, similar to lennon but faster and lil bit...
  8. Morientes19

    Help please....

    I think if ur losing by one goal and in the last 5-10 mins and have a series of corners ur keeper gradually makes his way up.
  9. Morientes19

    What is best way to develop players in ML ?

    Agger and Torres (both hard to buy in ML) develop great =) Try and get all ya signings in the sceond season when ya have loads of cash, buy young players and play them whenever u can, their stats will pump up. Also dont be buying ppl like Ronaldo in 4-5 seasons as they havent improved much as...
  10. Morientes19

    Ronaldo V Kaka

    haha yeah ronaldo is a great player, but ya cant go comparing him to torres, different player and different team. Also ronaldo takes all free kicks and pens for manu. Torres takes neither for Liverpool, and rem its Torres' first season in the prem. Rem a certain Thierry taking a few seasons to...
  11. Morientes19

    Benjani VS Defoe VS Bent

    Defoe is the better on the game (which is fake), i prefer benjani more powerful and threating. Bent is just all pace and nothing else =) Benjani is 29 though.
  12. Morientes19

    Classic Players ?

    I bought a few classic players from the shop. But i didnt want them in master league as its well fake like with pele playing for someone lol but when u pick the option of NO hidden players/classic players in ML, it still has the players you have bought in the shop. Stupid or what =S So once...
  13. Morientes19


    Reina Finnan Carragher Agger Riise Benayoun or Pennent Gerrard Mascherano Kewell or Babel Torres Crouch
  14. Morientes19

    new boss

    OMG u cant say u like FIFA lmao Welcome
  15. Morientes19

    Who is your best midfielder?

    Gerrard is my fav, he does everything =) him or kaka cant decide lol Roman riquelme is class, but cant run lol but class on the ball though. Pirlo and Seedorf are brill 2 =)
  16. Morientes19

    Most Underated player on PES2008???

    Which player impressed you the most on PES2008??? I am not on about superstars like your kaka, ronaldos, gerrards etc etc. People less known who u have played with/against and thought yeah this guy is good. I played with Micoud the other day and he ran the game, scoring a free kick and...
  17. Morientes19


    yeah i think the licenses for these things are really expensive, and i dont think Konami will buy into that. But they could make many more pro fans if they had the english league licensed.
  18. Morientes19

    why are black players so strong?

    lmao lol talk about off the topic lol
  19. Morientes19

    Scenario Mode in Pes 2009

    yeah that would be cool, like CL 05 ur liverpool and have to score 3 in the second half to take it to extra time, manu CL 99 2 goals in last few minutes =)
  20. Morientes19

    What do pes fans want in pes 2009?

    PS2 version.....Does anyone else have prob that on the last pro evo u got give special hair styles to anyone, but on this new pro 08 for example, torres has a special hairstyle 2, which cannot be changed unless u go to special hairstyles 1 and there are 18 hair styles there, and all poor ones...