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    [Ali & Sminky's] PES Support Thread - Saving your sanity and your controller.

    I think that there has to be an acceptance of how hard a game can be I mean do we want the computer to start pulling out light sabers and slicing our legs off? I think the game needs more emphasis on better tacticts for both me and the comp,
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    Your ML Team/Kits

    Could you give a brief description on how? Pls
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    How do You Defend Against AI "Cheating?"

    So here's the deal I'm 2 - 1 up against liverpool lsat game of the season and there's 2 points between.with my team being top us pre-match its around the 75th minute and I make a good cross liverpools keeper comes out of the box grabs the ball!!! Where's my bloody freekick! He should have been...
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    Your ML Team/Kits

    Does anyone know how to make an emblem and sponsor logo in photoshop?
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    The next Messi from youth player

    i hate you!!! Lol
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    We were fooled...

    so when andy carroll moves to liverpool for 30mill and still has stats worse than the recession does that make konami a great it does not.. i find my self more and more wondering what is the point in having a game where they really are making no contribution its like they give us...
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    Konami and their new offside rule

    i had a goal dissallowed that was unbelievable one of my defenders arm was about 7 inches infront of the last man even though he didnt touch the ball it was classed as a pass because it deflected off their player its soo annoying and the cheek of it about 5 mins later their goalkeeper saved the...
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    KONAMI should not be making football games

    i dont believe he what he said was racist, i believe he intended to be racially discriminative, he however has no knowledge stating the chinese or japanese have no idea of football, doesnt most commercial value for the biggest clubs in the world come from asia? this thread should be closed its...
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    Add difficulty levels in financial management (ML)

    the whole financial system is a sham they havent thought it through, there should be more indepth financial systems implemented, i tried to sign aguero his demands were 93 million for transfer and 29 million for wages, what a joke the most anyone is paid in wages is around 15 million a year? i...
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    A little more cash... you having a laugh!

    negotiations on this game are a joke there is no control over how much a player should cost regarding his market value, i had two players of around the same value both at 7 million then i received an offer for both for one i got offered 76 million, the second player 15 million?? they are both 25...
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    ML Dynamic Option

    you'd think they would release a manual telling all.... con-ami
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    youth players aka recycled goods

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    youth players aka recycled goods

    He's 25 now on my game is only rated 86 I think his stats aint too great either shame coz in world cup he was immense
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    Individual player tactics

    I'm bumping coz this is a major needed implementation and would add to the games status come on people its a great idea don't let fifa take it from you!
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    How to get rich...

    To be honest that's not really an achievement I created a team using the default players on top player and I won the league after 4 years and the biggest money I spent was on nani who this season I bought for ....£91million it was like christmas I thought I'd spoil myself usually I wouldn't...
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    Super sick growing speed!!!!!!

    As far as I was aware if playing on the easiest setting your player will be boosted like he was taking steroids however if on top player you have to either play really well or be extremely lucky to get a player over 95 rating within 5 seasons
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    youth players aka recycled goods

    The youth players are not really youth players as we know as to be honest I kind of have a problem with this and I don't, I'd love a recycled ronaldinho at age 16 but then I'd also love a player with an unkown name with some tasty prospects, also I do not want a player with 90 rating at age 17...
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    PES Rage Thread: Rage till your heart's content...

    I had a replay of the a.I hacking 3 of my players down from behind while I was in their box and to make it worse the referee awarded me a freekick outside the box and didn't even card the comp I mean iv had a player sent off for tackling from the front and not even touch their player just the...
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    How do u get the "Dead-ball Expert" achievement!?

    I got my achievement when I had cabelaard and blasted it straight over the wall hir rhe keepers face rebounded into the goal and he was knocked over I wish I could provide a replay however this was when I had a 40gb hdd so deleted all none game saves :(
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    shooting tutorial part1

    Umm I can kick the ball really hard using the top inside part of my foot and make the ball curl like crazy even beckham is an example and roberto carlos and the amount of curl on the ball depends on player swerve on a freekick if its under 90 itl just be standard curl if its over 90 you can get...