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  1. J

    [EXPORT]PS3 Exported Teams for BLUS

    Can yo upload the bles liga mx teams to a different site, mega stops downloading at 99%
  2. J

    [KITS] BY KillaCarrillo

    Please can you make Sheffield Wednesdays 3rd kit.
  3. J

    [KITS]RGB colours for PES 2014

    Please can you make Sheffield Wednesdays 3rd kit.
  4. J

    [KITS] Jospes kits

    Hi Jospes, Please can you make Sheffield Wednesdays 3rd kit.
  5. J

    [KITS] Mrashesburn's Kit Shop (No Requests!)

    Please can you make these 2 Zamora FC kits.
  6. J

    [KITS] Jospes kits

    Please can you make these MLS All Stars kits.
  7. J

    [KITS] Jospes kits

    Hi Jospes, Please can you make these Shanghai Shenhua kits please.!!0-item_pic.jpg_310x310.jpg
  8. J

    [KITS] Jospes kits

    Hi, thanks for the Sheffield Wednesday kits you made. Can you make this Independiente kit please.
  9. J

    [KITS] Jospes kits

    Hi Jospes, can you make these two Sheffield Wednesday kits please.
  10. J

    [STADIUM] Stadium Creation Thread

    stadium logos Thanks for these John. Is it possible to make 2 more like these?
  11. J

    [STADIUM] Stadium Creation Thread

    Hi please can someone make some advert boards, flags and backgrounds for Sheffield Wednesday's ground Hillsborough.
  12. J

    [BLES01406] Goalgerd,Chimps with Quiffs,Klashmann European Club Soccer Pes 2012 UK

    Can anyone export apoel and shamrock rovers for the team import please.
  13. J

    [KITS] Liga adelante/Spanish 2nd Division Kits

    Can someone post the kit pngs for the spanish 2nd division for me please. Ive had a look through the kit threads and cant find all the kits.
  14. J

    [BASE-COPY] Winter Transfers Base-Copylist

    does anyone know if you transfer the players who have moved to clubs that are not in the game like anleka, crespo etc to the free agents section if they will still be there after the next dlc?
  15. J

    [TRANSFERS] Copa Libatodores winter transfers 2012

    Hi everyone, can anyone put up a list of the winter transfers for the copa libadores teams as i doubt they will get updated in the next dlc. there is a few transfers from european teams in the base copy thread Thanks.
  16. J

    [PS3] Teams sharing thread.

    bundesliga teams hi schulzki, do you have the links for teh 9 bundesliga teams you have or did you create them yourself. If anyone has the rest of the bundesliga teams for bles 01406 that would be great.
  17. J

    [BLES01406] Goalgerd,Chimps with Quiffs,Klashmann European Club Soccer Pes 2012 UK

    If i download this option file will it be possible to extract only the german teams and then use the import/export feature to get them in my game?
  18. J

    [BLES01406] GTM Pes World PES 2012 of [ps3 uk]

    Hi, can someone please explain to me whats happened to the classic players on this option file, are the left as the defaults or have they been changed to different players, id like to know before i download the option file.
  19. J

    [INDEX] import / export teams index

    Is this new export/import feature bles code specific i have uk bles code 01406 for ps3. So would it still work if for example i downloaded the spanish 2nd division teams
  20. J

    [JackWhoBRA]- JackWhoWENB PES2011 png kits formulae 10/11 PS3

    Please could you make these. Classic Barcelona Home Classic Barcelona Away...