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  1. imnotstupid

    Buying Players in Master League!!!!

    For pes one thing I used to love to do is raise young players and get their states above 90 is fun when your team grow drastically over two seasons
  2. imnotstupid

    Is it easy to sign players in PES 2009 for 360(SUPERSTARS)

    is never easy to sign big players, the willingness to sign with your team have to do with the rank of your club and the number of stars in your team. one more thing, make offers around 1.5x the start off offers, if it goes too high, you won't get anyone.
  3. imnotstupid

    Very Close (16- 17 meters) Free Kick Tips

    16-17 is a good distance for a power shoot to shot. I have tried to get a person with the distance shot talent, and let a 2nd person roll the ball to him, before the rolling the ball, aim the for the pole that is not block by the wall. I think my way is easier since is more a controlled distance...
  4. imnotstupid

    changing formation

    Read a thread somewhere that you could change formation during play just like changing stragy. He change his 4-5-1 to a 4-3-3 by making the L,RM into a SS and a WF. Any pro want to show me how to do that, it would be really helpful since I can dominate the game with 4-5-1 and defend with 4-3-3...
  5. imnotstupid

    master league problem

    But with regular conditioning, fatigue goes up pretty quickly, I started to condition players with blue but they usually plays two games in a row before the fatigue gets to them.
  6. imnotstupid

    Cristiano Ronaldo V2.0

    Get Van der Vart people, his passing and shootinng will reach to 90 after a few seasons.
  7. imnotstupid

    Master League Dream Team

    how come everyone got Ronaldo and Messi. Casillas Sergio Ramos, C. Metzelder, M. Richards, Drenthe Rijkaard CDM Sneijder CM, Lucas CM, Chirne LM Van Der Vaart CAM Pato CF. / John Cruff The defense all got body balance over 90 but I had to train them, most of the players on the team are...
  8. imnotstupid

    master league problem

    going into my 5th season in the master league, won the league 3 times, Champion League 3 times, and now every game i have at least 6 players who have blue arrows, while players with condition 3 could stay green the whole season, and those players with blue arrows have condition at least a 4. how...
  9. imnotstupid

    Which is more important understand the real game or pes2009?

    I mean game is always a game, it could never become the real beautiful game. I mean players like Raul and Figo who have low body balance and speed are less desirable than players who have better body balance and speed. I hardly even see people use Toni even though he is one of the top Italian...
  10. imnotstupid

    PSP version Commentary Problem

    Every time you score, the game says something. But it's cool cause i never listen to the commentary since im always concentrating on the game!
  11. imnotstupid

    Any good CDM?

    Sure but isn't there CDM with good passing and body balance while have the playmaking talent. I mean i do start my offense from CB to CDM
  12. imnotstupid

    Master League Starting money

    Loaning player is great for in the beginning but u somehow help other team to train the players.
  13. imnotstupid

    Any good CDM?

    Center defensive Midfeild, the player behind CM as the support role.
  14. imnotstupid

    Does anyone think Raul is pretty useless?

    How can you possible use Raul, I mean he is slow and short, and he got pussy shots. I mean he could aim for the corners but in a good position it is relatively possible to save. Direct pass work really well with Torres and Drogba could use his body to run over some defenders.
  15. imnotstupid

    Favourite Kind Of Goal?

    Chip shots over the keeper or groudn cross that CF slid the ball in.
  16. imnotstupid

    Online - What team do you use?

    Man u slid on those running whores, i mean it usually is a yellow, 13 yellow cards per game isn't too bad cause you might actually injury some. But I mean procession is important but it doesn't guranatee you to win games. I mean I use Spain a lot with 4-1-41, usually the starting 4 backs...
  17. imnotstupid

    Ok, so im having a little bit of trouble

    Transfer also depend on weather the player want to play on your team. On the scoout list there is the switch from salary, growth rate and weather if he want to play for your team. I mean I couldn't sign players who don't even have a club while it is really easy to sign new comers who have two stars.
  18. imnotstupid

    Does anyone think Raul is pretty useless?

    Dude there are some ugly soccer player out there like Ronaldinho, Drogba, but they play good game. I mean come on i don't understand why he have so many fans out there.
  19. imnotstupid

    Why do I suck so much?

    Don't try beat the defender with forwards unless you got Messi, Kaka, or C. Ronaldo. Pes09 change the system that it is more difficult to beat the defender by speed.
  20. imnotstupid

    Any good CDM?

    I use CDM a lot for threes reason, defeating when there is counterattack so he got to be an desotrier, take long shots after ball is cleared from corners and organize plays in the midfeild. Havent' found any your player with playmaking, shotting from distance, and have good body balance. Before...