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  1. yaohan

    I tried FIFA 07

    yeah people keep saying fifa has superior graphics...but I don't like that shiny effect. In addition, whats with the way players stand? especially in set pieces, they stand really....wierd.
  2. yaohan

    The Free Kick Guide

    2nd Method: Medium Range FK (18-24 Metres) At this distance the way i have had more success at scoring is by Aiming at the Bottom Corner with Down and Left/Right Button, filling up the Power Bar half way or just under and Holding X . The aiming for the Corner with Down and Side button will make...
  3. yaohan

    is weather really a factor?

    when it rains, I believe it is harder for the keeper to catch.
  4. yaohan

    Master League Lineup Help

    Okay, first thing, get rid of Cassano, you don't need him, buy a potential young player instead. You stack your team, but you don't have a overall strategy in mind yet, that is not a good idea, because then you are just buying random expensive players like real life Chelsea. Also, make up your...
  5. yaohan

    PES 6 talents

    thats what most people like to do, find talents, and then raise them.
  6. yaohan

    Someone please help Freekick in PES6

    at first I thought it is just as same as PES5, then after 100 games I realize it is much harder, and different FK system, someone please help with how to kick free kicks from 22m+ (I've only been able to score from 16-21m).
  7. yaohan

    Creating The Strongest master league!

    if you are talking about hatira, then you are talking about the wrong guy. for me, in his first debut, he scored 2 goals for me, and I put him as side midfielder. He never goes near his own net, so i am not sure if you are using him in the right position.
  8. yaohan

    What does "Gauge" mean in command list?

    so as soon as i finish pressing shoot (adjusting the power), i let go of it and press x or triangle, right?
  9. yaohan

    Creating The Strongest master league!

    Ben-Hatira is the shit, buy him immediately, he is fast and cheap, definitely worth the price (only 450 lol!)
  10. yaohan

    What does "Gauge" mean in command list?

    is that possible? shot button and say...x at the same time? wouldn't you just pass instead?
  11. yaohan

    Defenders up at corners

    good post It is so easy, and I think this question has been answered SO MANY times. anyways, I scored with nesta so many times using that method. once with maldini
  12. yaohan

    He doesn't want to come! :S

    just keep saving and retrying, offering different amount of money each time
  13. yaohan

    What does "Gauge" mean in command list?

    for free kick, does gauge on x or triangle means press hard? I don't think Konami did a good translation job.
  14. yaohan

    99999PES Point.What Should I Do?

    you downloaded that save file didn't you, cheater.
  15. yaohan

    PES 6 talents

    yeah it is usually called target man. at least wikipedia does it lol.
  16. yaohan

    post your line-up!! and compare!

    AC Milan, second year GK Buffon CB Nesta CB Cannavaro RB Maldini LB Chivu DMF Pirlo CMF Gattuso LMF C.Ronaldo AMF Kaka SS Tevez CF Gilardino three sets of strategy for offence short pass+ dribbling, key players for this is Pirlo, Kaka, Tevez (sometimes finish), Gilardino (for the finish)...
  17. yaohan

    Key Abilities

    CB obviously defence >80, right? NO, if you dont like conceding goals, get a CB who is above 185 in height, and >90 at least in defence, and above 85 in body balance. RESPONSE MUST BE ABOVE 85, same with jump, to make sure you win air balls. header is helpful, if you want him to occasionally...