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  1. S1mon

    Define: Scripting

    Completely agree with many of the previous posts the game is always finding ways of allowing your opponents to score ridiculous goals... I've decided to trade my copy in for PES2011, my last match involved a 5-0 loss with West Brom, at the hands of Newcastle... the mighty Peter Lovenkrands...
  2. S1mon

    New GAMEPLAY Trailer (E3 2010)

    Animations, keepers, even goal nets, all still look terrible.
  3. S1mon

    How Long You Have Been Playing PES?

    Since International Superstar Soccer Pro... Then ISS Pro 98, followed by... ISS Pro Evolution, PES1(PSX),PES2-2008(PS2). PES2010(360). -Best one is Pes 5... by miles
  4. S1mon


    Penalties take a while to get used to, which is good, because it means you have to master a skill rather than the penalty technique featured in all previous PES's. However, what bugs me is the silly way that all players side foot the ball instead of driving one into the back of the net.
  5. S1mon

    What do u do when u lose?

    If its the first time round and I lose in the cup final or play-offs, then I'll replay it, to unlock the appropriate achievement. However if its the second time around and so on, I carrying on playing whatever the results.
  6. S1mon

    PES 2010 League, stadiums and and Cup Names

    Few minor corrections: Coupe de France Calcio Serie A Coppa Italia KNVB Cup Asian Nations Cup for Asia... otherwise correct. The unlicensed stadiums you mention are in fact completely fictional as opposed to unlicensed.
  7. S1mon

    Pes 2010 worst goalkeepers?

    ^Burnley's fake name is Lancashire Claret, and Hammarby are definitely there: Full name Hammarby Fotboll
  8. S1mon

    Pes 2010 worst goalkeepers?

    So far the worst performances I've come across were Brian Jensen of Burnley, and Rami Shaaban of Hammarby.
  9. S1mon

    whyd they remove delayed cards

    I haven't had any delayed cards yet, and I've made a hell of a lot of late tackles... Clearly Konami have been very lazy (surprise surprise) ... late tackles have become a tactic for stopping an opposing player joining the attack.
  10. S1mon

    Another BAL bug??

    ^Yea or another way of looking at it would be to say that the rating on match details is like Opta stats in real life... just a figure calculated the same way every time, as a result of the combination of your stats in all the different areas i.e. passing, shooting, fouls etc.
  11. S1mon

    Konami's Official PES 2010 Update

    Would be nice if they could update the completely fake club sides like Ljemorac or whatever they are called... these teams are just filled with completely fictional players, all of whom are the same nationality... i.e Marchidegna's players are all greek.
  12. S1mon

    Gamespot review - 6.5/10

    Greg Kasavin was the only good thing Gamespot ever had... he went to EA, seems he might be pulling a few strings. Before PES2010 was released I was expecting a poor game, and was constantly lambasting it on the forums, as some of you will have known... Yet I still went ahead and bought it...
  13. S1mon

    For superior realism: My attribute configuration

    Header +10 seems a bit extreme. Many gameplay video's have shown plenty of headers flying in, plus, plenty of us played Pro back in the PS2 days... indeed, my first Konami footie game was International Superstar Soccer Pro (released 1997) on PSX. Been playing Konami fooite games ever since. So...
  14. S1mon

    Anyone Going For It At Midnight ?

    Hahaha^ indeed, and while I'll have to wait a little longer, hopefully it'll be worth it!
  15. S1mon

    Anyone Going For It At Midnight ?

    Meh, I've got £26 in hand atm, won't be able to get any more til' Saturday :( Goin to grandparents Sunday-Wednesday, so my purchasing of PES2010 may well be miserably delayed :(.
  16. S1mon

    Just got PES 10 - and My thoughts

    I believe I have seen a Besiktas JK team list that shows him to be partnering Tomas Zapotocny in their defence. Good Czech partnering (Y).
  17. S1mon

    Who will be your ML team and why?

    I'm undecided between Slavia and Sparta Prague, but I'll probably go for the latter. I've been a big fan of Czech football right since the national side's runners up performance at EURO 96. I always like to challenge myself in the Master League, so I'm also tempted by Metalist Kharkiv... often...
  18. S1mon

    Only Reason Why Your Buying Pes2010

    ^Come the moment each respective player presses that A button, or that X button to select Master League mode, all else will be a forgotten blur.