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  1. cambo_cc

    Football Manager 2007 [PC]

    is ther any way to get all the pics etc on the psp version
  2. cambo_cc

    [PS2] Flipper's densely-populated option file - 100s of players created

    any update on when the full file will be finished especially looking forward to the spl:):):):)good luck m8
  3. cambo_cc

    [ALL] Milanista's Option File V2

    this may be a bit unfair but could you not have waited just a wee bit longer and got the jan transfers in altho great file m8 keep up the good work
  4. cambo_cc

    Ibrox Stadium

    if only konami put it in game it would be amazin i fond it hard to beleive konami cant be bothered to do this but yet good people like yourself can create stadiums and kitserver or whatever
  5. cambo_cc

    Ferdinand93's Appearance and Celebration Thread (Ultimate Editing Thread)

    could you please do burke smith and clement of rangers plz
  6. cambo_cc

    [PS2 & PC] SPL Option File

    it would be amazing if there was the more first div teams so that there was an all scottish league and also so they can be promoted
  7. cambo_cc

    157 Stadiums for Stadiumserver

    could i seea ibrox parkhead screenshot plz:)and easter road
  8. cambo_cc

    [PS2 & PC] SPL Option File

    yeah but many are undre rated especially the hibs team and the apps need some work sionkos head is massive for rangers
  9. cambo_cc

    The Ultimate Editing Thread For PES6

    could the guys who do appearances please do the rangers squad please would be very much appreciated there was a great thread for this on pes5 but they dnt work on pes6 or post up any apps you have:):)
  10. cambo_cc

    The Ultimate Editing Thread For PES6

    just wondering when will all this be put into an OF?
  11. cambo_cc

    (all)pes6 Pategato Goalgerd World Soccer V1

    understandable its difficult to find out whats the best option file after blue scouse stopped i always used his but now there are so many more option files but i like the sound of yours specially the more spl teams:):)
  12. cambo_cc

    The Ultimate Editing Thread For PES6

    heres the link to the celtic players profiles
  13. cambo_cc

    (all)pes6 Pategato Goalgerd World Soccer V1

    when is this file expected to be released?? sounds amazing
  14. cambo_cc

    [ALL] PES5 SPL V 1.2 option file by Valldondo

    it says the file has expired due to inactivity could you upload it again please
  15. cambo_cc

    The Ultimate Editing Thread For PES6

    rangers transfers still to be done sasa papac from austria vienna filip sebo from austria vienna lee martin from manchester united full squad for ranger can be found here,,5,00.html most players have pictures for those who do the...
  16. cambo_cc

    The Ultimate Editing Thread For PES6

    yeah that option file idea sounds great with every1 checking it etc adding there own expertise it should be imense dare i say it,it may even be just as good as the legendary blue scouse's option files
  17. cambo_cc

    old firm screenshot please??pes6

    thank 50 quality pics of the gers as per usual the big players like prso and to an extent boyd n ferguson look no bad but burke just looks hee-haw like him just a query are the lads from man utd in the game for rangers
  18. cambo_cc

    old firm screenshot please??pes6

    just wonderong could you post the full rangers squad as konami are usually guilty of missing very promising youth players from the gers
  19. cambo_cc

    The Ultimate Editing Thread *Sign up now!* - Exclusively on Insight

    ill do all thing scottish footbal if ever needed especially rangers like numbers etc or kit pics or players height and full name etc i know not many people like the spl but with the new pes having a whole league of teams that are not proper teams i will defo be making that the spl