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  1. joerog

    Another youth team refresh questions

    Entire team, but not in the first January if you've signed and released the bad ones.
  2. joerog

    Youth Team

    Does anyone know how frequently the game provides you with new youth team players? I completed my first season and haven't got any new ones having previously signed and released them all so that I get a 'fresh batch'. Thanks Joe
  3. joerog

    Master League Problem!

    you're a liar
  4. joerog

    Online - What team do you use?

    I am Ivory Coast on it. I think there should be a different points system. I detail below: If you win as Barcelona you get fewer points (far less) than if you'd won with say, Rangers If you lose with Barcelona against someone like Hull, then you lose a lot of points. The more you are...
  5. joerog

    Rubbish "Good" Players 2009

    Nearly the whole Arsenal team and a few Liverpool players also (Torres for one).
  6. joerog

    ML Training Cheat?

    The cheat doesn't work on the new one.
  7. joerog

    Crazy ass transfers

    Rooney and Ronaldo to Chelsea in the same summer.
  8. joerog

    basic guide to diving

    Your spelling.
  9. joerog

    Champions League is integrated in League Mode!

    Knowing Konami they will have left it out for the sake of it as they make themselves look idiots at times.
  10. joerog

    PES09 Soundtrack CD: Petition to Konami?

    And for them not to correct one error, only for them to make a complete balls up for another. For example. They put kit selection on Master League (huge error in 2008) but they deleted the full Master League team/ league setup mode. How effing studid are Konami. It was on 2008 so some wise...
  11. joerog

    PES 2009 Penalties

    On the old PES I never had a penalty saved in the bottom centre. However, on 2009 I have had one saved. The computer always seem to fire penalties over the bar when I am playing them.
  12. joerog

    need help

    Try not to hold down square when defending as this draws other men in to tackle. What I do is keep pressing L1 until I get a DMF and then press and hold R1+R2 to bring him towards the oponent and press X or O.
  13. joerog

    Player settings cup mode

    As above. I remember when I was 10 playing on FIFA and doing that to cheat.
  14. joerog

    Trophy Ceremony!!

    On 2009 you get to laugh at the players doing their ridiculous celebratory dance in the changing rooms.
  15. joerog

    Negotiation Problem – Please help

    Sometimes PES puts a space after their name when you press the start button. Try deleting that then searching.
  16. joerog

    The Best Youg GoalKeeper

    Moussan from Hammarby. He has a very good curve. There is also a young 'keeper in Derby's subs who is young, also with an awesome curve. hutchinson or something like that.
  17. joerog

    DKZ Studio Patching Guide

    using version 9. Do you have a link for another? Thanks
  18. joerog

    DKZ Studio Patching Guide

    There is no error message, it just makes an error noise and the program closes down everytime I click apply patch to image. If I try to apply the patch to a foler it lets me find the folder, then when I click 'ok' error message '0' pops up. Hope you can help.
  19. joerog

    DKZ Studio Patching Guide

    I'm new to PES5 editing and I've just got DKZ studio and a patch. Everytime I try to apply the patch, DKZ closes down with an error noise. Hope you can help, Joe
  20. joerog

    Our own PES Insight Music Patch for PES 5, SUGGESTIONS NEEDED!

    Pendulum- Fasten Your Seatbelts Great song... Is it just the music being put on this patch or the whole thing. real kits etc?