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  1. da rossi

    Pro Evo 6 Option File for Xbox 360

    Yes, look at completed files-section.
  2. da rossi

    Transferring Option File To PS2 Tutorial

    Aaarggh, I give up, I tried another time with three OF but game just didn't load those files :( I guess I must update myself that game..Weird because I made just a same way bin cd to pes6 OF and that works.
  3. da rossi

    Transferring Option File To PS2 Tutorial

    Thanks wan109 but game doesn't still load op :( I removed corrupted data and tried few times to put op again for memory card.
  4. da rossi

    Transferring Option File To PS2 Tutorial

    bin/cue problem.. I tried bin/cue method and now I have op in memory card. BUT that didn't work, I tried to load data with no result. Data is not corrupt.
  5. da rossi

    What games are you waiting for?

    Gta, Resident Evil 5, MGS4 etc.
  6. da rossi

    Halo 3

    I hope that 360 prices go down here soon..taxes are huges in here Finland..Halo 2 was a best multiplayer game ever in my opinion and Halo 3 must be even better. :)
  7. da rossi

    help me for create stadium

    Here is something: Remember that you must get the blueprints (pictures of stadium [left side, top, back, front etc.]).
  8. da rossi

    You're Master League so far?

    GK - Cech/Borges RB - Guimaraes CB - Jaric LB - Adriano AMF - Schuster/De Ridder RMF - Schweinsteiger CMF - Maxi Rodriguez LMF - C.Ronaldo RWF - Torres CF - Rooney/Martins LWF - Messi
  9. da rossi

    Max Drive Help & Questions Thread

    Is that possible to use ps2 max drive in xbox ? I can't find any xbox max drives..
  10. da rossi

    xbox pes5 patching
  11. da rossi

    Hello all!

    Hi all! I'm from Finland and I've been played PES5 almost 1/2 year . I'm readed forum just week and I learned very much here.