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  1. shankly is god

    PES 2015 area?

    I bought pes 6 on the 360 and it reminded me of 2014 it was a shell of a game but i did hear on ps2/xbox it was a great game, but yea like I say im quietly confident and I agree the fact there is little news is concerning but hoping we have an influx sometime soon. its a very limbo time at the...
  2. shankly is god

    PES 2015 area?

    Since pes 5 its been utter sh*te for me, I am kinda confident about 2015 but I wont be building my hopes up, I'll wait for the demo/more info before making any definitive movement. Minor I know but I wonder how the editing will be on the ps4/xbone
  3. shankly is god

    [FACES] SuperGarcia's Facebuilds

    Ronaldo legend is top notch mate! best face build ive seen!!
  4. shankly is god

    [KITS] Mike1Zero's PNG´s

    Arsenal kits are epic Mike well done! just put them in and they look top notch!! looking forward to more :) keep up the good work pal (im going to hold off doing my own haha) Shanks
  5. shankly is god

    [PS3] (BLES/BLUS) OF

    Are all the transfers upto date and all? ive tried to do the major ones but damn!! theres alot to do! cheers Shanks!
  6. shankly is god

    Basic OF PES2014

    Hey guys sorry if this is in wrong place or something! My copy came today and I havent been on this site or played a game of pro in years (been away) How do i get .PNG into the game? same as before copy the folder over to the playstation via usb etc! thanks lads Shanks
  7. shankly is god

    [KITS] Mike1Zero's PNG´s

    Thanks Mike, Legend! looking forward to seeing your work! Shanks
  8. shankly is god

    [KITS] Mike1Zero's PNG´s

    Ok Mike nice one mate! need to know file sizes etc! I cant access it, every time i go to DL it says cant access network..... that something wrong my end? Shanks
  9. shankly is god

    [KITS] Mike1Zero's PNG´s

    Alright guys! I cant access the media file you posted so just a quick question are there files in there on examples etc Mike? I will be downloading some kit packs of you guys but as a 4th kit is available I really want to do some of my own "fantasy" style kits! Cheers Shanks
  10. shankly is god

    scoring is like fifa :(

    For once I agree with a city fan ;) haha im enjoying the pes demo because when you think about it, ITS AN EARLY CODE!
  11. shankly is god

    Right, Time For Some Real Talk on This Fifa/PES Buisness

    HAHAHA welcome back TECH oh how I have missed you!!! :/ I have to agree with most of your essay there, how ever I do feel Fifa has made a massive leap from number 10 and it does feel like at times you can play a decent game of footy! I have only managed to play 3 games of pes before getting...
  12. shankly is god

    Pes Demo = Awful , not happy!

    Stick to fifa kid! obviously your mentality is not up for this place.......
  13. shankly is god

    Pes Demo = Awful , not happy!

    Now you see why I get so wound up mate haha!! and Jesus!!! is this guy saying its awful because of these reasons? i think we need some sort of IQ test before we let newbies in!
  14. shankly is god

    The Day is Finally Here.........

    Just over an hour to go :(
  15. shankly is god

    PES 2011 Demo Release

    so when is the demo out then?!?! tomzz 4pm orrrr??
  16. shankly is god

    Demo out on psn+ now! Use this thread to discuss demo!

    I just think its major gay you have to pay to play the demo a week early!!! and ezio im glad to hear that! pes has always been a game that has areas which annoy some and entertain others! im really hoping it has the passion that pes 5&6 had with a real sense you were playing football(soccer)...
  17. shankly is god

    2 Things i Hate the most in PES 2011

    You know me mate! winds me up all this pes is shite business when the game is not out! Each to their own i guess!
  18. shankly is god

    2 Things i Hate the most in PES 2011

    While we are at this! Ill tell you the two things I hate about pes 2012!! 1. Its not out yet 2. I haven't played it
  19. shankly is god

    Stadium Editor - AD-BOARDS collection

    Does anyone know how this will work?? like how to upload these! would we need to split these ad boards and then upload or just upload them all and it will map the jpg out?? shanks
  20. shankly is god

    Pes 2011 no please!!!

    I have no quarrel with you mate! so you jumping to defend someone who is saying "pes no please" either because he has come straight from the fifa forum to cause controversy or just plain loves to annoy many people (see this thread) for shits and giggles!! either way its not needed! there are...