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  1. Disco Pants

    Not been on here in Ages

    Hi All Used to post quite a bit on here in 2009 and before, then jumped ship to Fifa and my posts reduced, decided to test out my old login password and I managed to remember it. Lot of old name I remember which are still around like Phat, Dragonfly and Barndoor to name a few no doubt...
  2. Disco Pants

    FIFA 12 Discussion

    H2H is far too slow, should be played at the same speed as FUT, if you get 1 of the slow playing Football's as well, then its just mind numbing.
  3. Disco Pants

    Fifa 09

    Anyone fancy joining our Fifa 09 online League (PS3)? I will pm anyone the links if they fancy it, also let me know which team you want to be, you can't be any of the 5 star teams, Berry; Manchester City Jari; Athletic Bilbao RaidenX; Tottenham Disco Pants; Valencia Demanja Vidic...
  4. Disco Pants

    The FIFA 09 UEFA Champions league last 16 competition thread [PS3]

    Would have gotten involved with this had I known when the teams were being handed out hope we get something else going when this is done. <----Add me if you fancy a game soon. My PS3 is over there.
  5. Disco Pants

    Fifa 09

    I will add some of you guys as you all sound as crap as me. ;)
  6. Disco Pants

    Resistance 2 [PS3]

    I still play this online and I do enjoy team deathmatch, I am on the last level on campaign mode which I have enjoyed I have to say. **Mild Spoiler** What was that big monster called that keeps picking you up and trying to eat you??
  7. Disco Pants

    Fifa 09

    Rb14 I will look for you the next time I am on, I am okay not brilliant
  8. Disco Pants

    What are you currently playing?

    Dj Clue whats Mirrors edge like, looks dodgy if you ask me but would like your opinion. I am currently playing a mixture of Tiger 09, Fifa 09 and Resistance 2 which is amazing so far, I also really want Fallout 3 which I will get after I complete Re 2
  9. Disco Pants

    Fifa 09

    I have been getting EA servers down all night when I have been trying to connect, does anyone get this sometimes?
  10. Disco Pants

    [PS3] Online FIFA 09 Tournament

    I'll be in but it will have to be after boxing day as this is a busy time for me, I will be Sunderland if and when I get on.
  11. Disco Pants

    Fifa 09

    What happens if you have a power cut whilst downloading the latest system settings thingy? that would be more worrying
  12. Disco Pants

    LittleBigPlanet [PS3]

    Yeah these were impressive, and the one he did choose with game play was solid, I want a trailing ninja scarf thing as my little guy looks crap
  13. Disco Pants

    LittleBigPlanet [PS3]

    Was on it earlier but I was following this dude round who kept picking levels with no game play, just sit on a skateboard while you listen to a tune
  14. Disco Pants

    I just played a few games on PES6 and.....

    Been playing PES5 for the time being till I get my PS3 and play Fifa09. I played PES6 for half an hour and got mad at just about everything, the shooting truely is dreadful, then thought see if I have an old PES5 masterleague and I did, I find it a lot more assisted but I dont mind that if I...
  15. Disco Pants

    Playstation 3

    I wasnt even ther and i find this mildly ammussing :D
  16. Disco Pants

    LittleBigPlanet [PS3]

    Well I should be on this also at Crimbo - I will be in possesion of Fallout3 Resistance2 Fifa09 and LBP I am spoilt for choice on which to play first, heard that people have been drawing big penises on levels what idiots (first thing I do ;) )
  17. Disco Pants

    Playstation 3

    Disco Pants will be walking the Home streets soon enough. When do you guys have time to play games :p
  18. Disco Pants

    Playstation 3

    Supporting Sunderland i have none of this patience you speak of.
  19. Disco Pants

    Playstation 3

    Cheers Miggy, yes I thought about the 360 but I feel the blu ray DVD is too good to turn down
  20. Disco Pants

    Playstation 3

    Hello, finally going to purchase the PS3 80g I am so behind the times with this, I remember the previous 2 Play-stations were a simple case of sticking in a disc and away you go, having read about these bloody updates has got me annoyed to say the least. Are these updating an absolute...