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    What the Update "SHOULD" have contained!

    The game has been out just over a month. It shouldnt need an update it should be complete from the start! It hasnt moved forwards as a game for the last 3 years its just the same game play! Running and turning is so rubbish, not fluid at all which is why I am selling my copy on eBay and...
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    Fifa 10 -V- Pro Evo 10!

    anyone got Fifa 09 an wanna game online?? scouse_god if u do
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    How many people.....

    Yeah i dont want a PES -v- FIFA war, always pointless and people need to realise everyone has a different opinion an likes different things in the game! I havent bought fifa for ages, but did buy Euro 2008 an loved it, an just decided to get Fifa from as its only £17.99 I have...
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    How many people.....

    How many people own both Fifa 09 and PES 09?? Dont turn this into a big fifa -v- pes argument, if you prefer pes and dont buy fifa fine we dont need to know whats better Just wondered how many people actually give both a try instead of bein closed minded an just buying one an slaggin the...
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    How do i play with my mates online?

    why not just invite them over to play, better game
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    Sign Here If Your Not Even Going To Give It A Chance...

    who cares if u go barca?? Its the style of play thats annoying not the team they choose
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    Sign Here If Your Not Even Going To Give It A Chance...

    If your not going to buy the game then why are you using the pes gaming site?? Yeah you might want to tell everyone how much you wont buy it and the reasons behind it, but if you really hated the game as much as you claim then surely you would just not use it again. Do you do this with...
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    Losing Streaks

    Everyone moans about cheating computer and all that, if it just let u do what u want u wud always win an it would be boring and people would moan about the game being to easy Some people just wanna moan!
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    pes 2009 tips

    pass better
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    Online Play / Update

    I have noticed since the last update, they updated the England kit but not the team......why is Michael Owen still in the squad when he hasnt played for England for a while?? Would it not be possible for Konami to make it so you can pick your own squad? If they put the main 40 or so...
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    How to tell if your a boring online player

    when was i "whining" about anything?? I didnt say i hate this i hate that i simply put a list of what i think boring players do online (seems to be people who go straight for barca / inter do alot of the list) It doesnt bother me if they do this as i usually beat them anyway, an if i dont i...
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    How to tell if your a boring online player

    I guess you meet at least 7 of the above and dont want to admit it hey?? I dont actually lose many online, I just get bored of all of the above game after game after game, puts me off playing online alot. If I actually played good players online I would enjoy more games, usually though its...
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    Do you read the daily mail?? I know what you was trying to say, you get people from France / Spain coming into the English lobbys and there connection is alot weaker as they arent in England making the game usually unplayable! Until they fix the online play with stronger connections they...
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    How to tell if your a boring online player

    1 - You go straight for "Barca, Inter, Man U, Brazil, Argentina" in your "Used Teams" and they are all Protected and these are the only 5 teams you have ever used. 2 - You put condition on Normal to make sure all your players you want to select will be fit 3 - Your formation changes to...
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    Why are people allowed to play online with bad connections? Surely konami know what kind of connection is needed for a good smooth game, anyone who falls under this connection level shouldnt be allowed to connect to online play. You even get a warning on some games that they have a weak...
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    Online Cheating - I felt robbed

    Im always up for a friendly game (tryin to get a few premiership games goin by pressin square an pickin whater premiership team it lands on) Easier playin friendlys as if there is a lag or any problems u aint to bothered an it dont cost u rankings points
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    Online Cheating - I felt robbed

    everyone moans on here about crap players and people who just run with the ball, when i offer anyone a game of random teams (even as a friendly so u dont have to worry bout ranking points) everyone all of a sudden goes quiet Think one or 2 have ever actually had a game online!
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    Random Premiership Teams - PS3

    Anyone online now on PS3 who fancys a few (friendly) Ranom Premiership games?? Just go to the premiership and press square and go whatever team it lands on, will only be a friendly so no ranking points are at stake, so it doesnt matter if you get Man U or Stoke. Bit of fun an try to show...
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    anyone having trouble online?

    i have found most games are ok, as long as the person has a decent connection the game is quite good hard to avoid red connections as i just play quick friendly games and most of them seem to have red connections, as long as i host though it is fine!