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    What are these colors of pitch for players?

    Oh that means Messi is less capable inside the box (around goal post) as it is colored maroon for him....
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    What are these colors of pitch for players?

    which is better position.. red or maroon ? (in the upper right side image of pitch/field ?
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    What are these colors of pitch for players?

    Thanks Ali.. Which is stronger between blood red and maroon?
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    What are these colors of pitch for players?

    I know I am late to ask this question.. But it's better to ask now then to remain in confusion. For every players stats there is a small field / pitch image on the right upper corner with mainly 3 colors.. Red maroon and green colors.. What are these colors for? I thought red is the part of...
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    Euphoric Goals

    Goal By Mesut Ozil - :D
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    now i wil never play PES

    my god. My worst experience in any online games. What a shitty control. The players obey the command after the other team players have taken the control of my ball. I really cant play this way. I wasted so much money building good my club squad and all wasted. Damnn konami. I dont care how much...
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    PES 2016: myclub: lost connection to server

    PES (2016) has worst online experience i have ever experienced in online games the division or other online modes are always disconnected i am sure its not my fault. I play GTATonline, FIFA etc online games without any hassle. And now my rank has sunk to B grade. What the...
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    so agree here, just posted same concern in another post. The team who is winning must be the winner or the person whose network was faulty should designated as loser. Plz konami do something
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    Watch out for online cheaters !

    I was about to start similar threat but better to post here i think. Online system in PES must get better.. everytime i am going to win, the connection get lost and result zero. All efforts go wasted. This system should be correctted. coz i dont think its possible that whenever i am winning...