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    Is it ossible to play with my player for BAL in online matches?

    Is it possible to play with my player for BAL in online matches? Hi, I've been using the norwegian prodigy Martin Ødegaard. Naturally, his stats aren't very good in the game starting up as he's 16 years old, but he's quite good now and so I'd like to use him in online matches. Is that even...
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    Is it possible to play good old 1 vs 2 p offline in pes2016?!

    Hi... I might be of the old school but I much prefer to play someone in the same room. It's so fun to give comments, see and hear his reactions etc... Is this not possible anymore in PES ? I'm playing Pes2016...
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    Problems with camera following player instead of the ball in international games

    Hello. Now, this is really, really weird. For my club team, the camera follows the ball, but when I play for my national team, nope. This is extremely annoying and frustrating as I use pressure to play defence while not controlling my player (who's a forward), and when I can't see what the...
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    Wich WE8 patch to get? -Confused by all the patches out there

    I didn't know how to before i found this forum. Sorry I forgot to thank you for giving me guidance to find the best patch aviable :) Thank you, I'm eager to try this game out in a language I understand, plus those addons are really nice ^_^
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    Wich WE8 patch to get? -Confused by all the patches out there

    Hey... Im in search for the patch that has the most and best translations... and it would be especially interesting if anyone did more than fernando in the training mode... I have the old fernando patch atm, but havent been able to test it out because i didnt know how to patch it... anyway...