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    Improvements/ Things You Want Added To PES 2011

    More Stadiums - Get's a little boring playing at the same ones. Also some of them need to be corrected in terms of their size - I think the Nou Camp and Old Trafford should be higher to get a feel of the size of the arena. The current proportions if you like don't seem to compliment them very...
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    Does anybody know what is on the new update tomorrow?

    The annoying thing is that they haven't even added the new pink Mercurial's! Nor the white/purple ones. They've simply added a crappy pair of F50's and done the rest of the January updates that would have taken any PES fanatic about 45 minutes to correct!
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    Improvements/ Things You Want Added To PES 2011

    Better variety of shoots instead of the unrealistic side footers that they seem to do most of the time. I think most others have been covered by you guys. Question: How much longer will we stick with PES if they fail to address some of the problems AGAIN?
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    The Latest Update

    I noticed there's now no more empty slots in the boots section, does anyone know if that means new boots will not be able to be added now? The reason I ask is because I'm a bit sad in making sure everyone wears the right boots, well not everyone but most people - and I've got fed up with the...
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    PS2 MaxDrive Option File [aj1981 v0.8]

    is there a way to put it on ps2?