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    controller on pc ?

    Hi guys, i am in need of help i am trying to get my ps4 controller to work via my pc so i can play pes on the pc i have downloaded a application called ds4 windows but it doesnt seem to bind all the keys correctly any help ? or is my best bet getting a xbox controller for the pc ?
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    quick question ?

    Hi everyone , just a quick question i have started to create the bundesliga but i dont have time to carry it on is there anyway i can reset the league back to default ? it was the pes league and obviosuly get rid of the strips etc without getting rid of any of my other strips emblems etc from...
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    bundesliga ps4 ?

    Hi guys, i was just wondering has anyone created the bundesliga on the ps4 and is it worth it doing it as i know you have to create alot of players etc i know where the thread is with all the information on how to do so i was just asking if anyone has done it and actually thought it's worth the...
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    champions league / Europa league ?

    ah that's annoying
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    champions league / Europa league ?

    hi all just a quick question I know the champions league and Europa league is licensed on pes can anyone tell me does the venue change where the finals are at obviously Europa league final this year is at Basel stadium and UCL final is at the San siro but does it change after one season or is it...
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    Master league question ?

    Hi guys, im new here was just wondering if anyone knew can you change what teams particpate in the champions league and europa league during master league mode ? you ask why ? well it's simple you get teams in the champions league that to me shouldn't be in there and the same with the europa...