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    Master league recommended players

    The thing is, he's a great player. If you're not pleased with his name (I'm too lazy to go back and quote the guy who complained about this), change it to Vandebuurt. Is it too hard? On-topic: Duffy, Shimizu and Camacho are all top-notch youth team players. Others: - Sinclair from Swansea...
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    Unofficial - How are you doing in Master League?

    I'm currently playing with Tottenham in my first season, been playing as regular for some games because I'm awful, but now moved to Pro. Some transfers I made: - Ganso: he is a beast. I played a Libertadores to get enough money to buy the default squads option, chose Santos because of him and...
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    How are you doing in Master League?

    Well, I'm in my first season with Wolverhampton. I wanted an average team to play the Barclays League, one that would have to center around one or two players to carry the team on their backs. Wolves got S. Fletcher (a great SS/ST, can carry the ball pretty well and is a brilliant shooter), Hunt...
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    Greetings from Brazil!

    Hey guys, I'm a constant guest here at PesGaming, but now I've finally decided to register to participate more, ask for tips, tell you guys about my adventures etc. I'm Brazilian and I'm a huge Flamengo fan, just like the other 32 million spread all around the world, but I also support...