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    Transferring Option File To PS2 Tutorial

    Should it take ages to 'uncrush'? I'm trying - I tick the box next to the option file on the MAX drive, highlight Uncrush and the memory card, press X, it asks if I'm sure I want to uncrush it, I say yes and then it won;t let me do anything. Is it broken or am I just impatient?!
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    This is I

    My name is the same as my username or I'd forget it. My username, not my actual name. I've Pro Evo since PES4 at uni, and have been a dedicated follower ever since. I came here cos I got PES2008 from Santa and I needed the Option File. I have a Max Drive arriving in 4-5 working days, but...
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    Transferring Option File To PS2 Tutorial

    Google is evil, but cheers anyway! So I can basically download an option file onto this Max Drive thing on my PC and transfer it direct to the memory card? Man, I've been missing out! It says you can save games from the memory card onto a PC too - does this mean I can put my best goals on...
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    Transferring Option File To PS2 Tutorial

    OK, apologies for my naivety, but wtf are a Max Drive and Bin/Cue?! Taking into account i have no idea wht these are, how would i go about getting them, what do they do when I have them and how does it help me update the option file? Thanks. PS I assume an updated Option File would...