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    friendly matches/ amistosos

    Ah shame, I'm UK. Hope you find an opponent :)
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    friendly matches/ amistosos

    Where about are you from?
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    Pro Evo Network

    I went to the site and could register but didn't seem to be anywhere I could request to join? Or even post.
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    Pro Evo Network

    Sounds like a great mix. I used to play forum based manager games, coupling that with pes, and none cheating pes sounds immense. I'll check it out
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    Potentially improved players MLO for February patch!

    Not sure why you think bounnotte will go up kontrol. The only players that usually go up are people who are really prominent. I'd expect Falcao to go up, Michu, Lucas Moura, Varane, Pogba, maybe benteke. Le Fondre should improve fo sho, but almost definitely will not.
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    Searching for a couple of psn friends to play with middle teams

    Can WE players not play VS PES players then? I'm pretty sure WE1 was the first ever pess/we/iss offering and was exclusively for the japanese market, then konami ported it across to europe under the name 'international superstar soccer' (deluxe ftw) lol
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    Connection to the server was interrupted

    I've had this aswell, I've always presumed it was my internet connection though.
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    Manual tactics during match

    Yeah, in your tactics area I think it's the 5th tab across or something it says 'substitution assistance' or something - I'm pretty sure it's in that section.
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    Spamming of Speed Merchants/throughballs?

    Yeah no CB's at all. If the opposition are playing with 3 upfront I will play with 1 Lb 1 CB 1 RB and 2 DM if the opponent is playing with 2 or 4 forward players then I will play with no CB at all and just DM's. It's annoying that such a tactic works so well though, I wish it was abit...
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    i hate van der (speed) mirch (ant)

    Konami spoke about this last year or the year previous. They are there to help the Pes gamer who can only play 2-3 hours a week. That gamer is never going to have a superstar team, so to make the games abit fairer against people who play 30-40 hours a week, they have included (buffed) these...
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    Player Index (Skill Cards) Maximum 11

    I think a player is limited just like the real players are so they can't become to good. This is only a guess though as I haven't played any BAL
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    Spamming of Speed Merchants/throughballs?

    Yeah I went for the speedy center backs like Beria and perea and they worked well, but like you said, they aren't particularly good defensively (heading, tackling, positioning etc) Now I have CB's like Ramos, Cacares, Luiz and Kompany. hey are still fast enough but are very good defensively...
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    C rating

    The pes online pass works for all accounts on that console so you could do that no probs. It sounds like your internet connection is weak and inconsistent. Best bet is to fix your internet, otherwise this will probably keep happening, might seem like it sucks to you, but it also sucks for the...
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    Is it just me or has patch 3 ruined the game?!

    If it's the december patch we're talking about, I haven't noticed anything really, except defending AI seems slightly better, but that's probably due to me signing better defenders.
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    Ronaldo as the cover star was always going to get a slight buff. His shooting accuracy and BB are too high though for sure. I think his control is ok though personally. I also think his top speed is lower than it should be and really should be 92/93 as should the explosive speed. Where as...
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    Creating a Players.

    Cool, you can now replace balotelli at city with yourself ;)
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    Creating a Players.

    Yeah, you can add them to your eam I think, you can in every other PES. You just look for the 'created players' section and transfer them from there.
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    Why play PES?

    Fifa sells more because of aggressive advertising campaigns and the fact that the European public struggle to think for themselves on the whole and just follow the crowd. The same people who watch Xfactor and only like music that's in the charts are the people who buy Fifa - and unfortunately...
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    Online game speed

    Nope, I think it feels fine in online aswell personmally. But you can't change the game speed as it's would then change it for the other player so it's not possible. Do you have a starting team in MLO? having noob players who have low speed, dribble speed and pass speed and reactions would...