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    Pes 2019 disc versions

    Can anyone tell me if they will be releasing PES 2019 LEGENDARY EDITION for Xbox one on disc as I can't seem to see it anywhere amongst the UK retailers all I see is digital download which I DO NOT WANT
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    [PC] PES 2016 SMoKE patch 8.0 (ANNOUNCED)

    Please help me dido Hi there, i love your updates, there the best out there but could you please tell me how to REMOVE UPDATED PLAYERS ATTRIBUTES from this patch as i do not want them in the patch. Thanks
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    [PC] PES 2016 SMoKE patch 8.0 (ANNOUNCED)

    Im not complaining i was very happy, would it be possible to unistall your patch then re install it and be offered thses again? Or is there any other updates you know of which come with Exclusive digital content for My Club: * 1 player from the UEFA Team of the Year 2014 * 1 x player (Neymar) *...
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    [PC] PES 2016 SMoKE patch 8.0 (ANNOUNCED)

    When i installed this to my game i got digital content added to my club i.e uefa agent player of the year and lots of other stuff which is great, how did i get all this with it, not that im complaining im just curious
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    Cant buy coins no more as it says items not available no more, anyone else having this problem
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    experience points

    Do you gain exp points when playing master league
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    SIM mode! Fitness, form and team spirit does not matter!

    Sim mode isnt a joke or they wouldnt put it there, but sim mode if for feeling a little lazy but still looking to earn cash, my advice for sim mode to work for you proper have a team with players who have an overall score of about 75-80 no higher as if you get star player the AI takes over but...
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    Reset team fault

    Just reset team and i never got any money back for all star player i purchased, why is this as it says that you will
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    Coach mode competitions

    Does anyone know if there are any competitions for coach mode this year
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    EXGP and EXLv

    Ok Paul thanks for the reply, but can i ask, what more can i do as i play sim mode so all i can do is win games and field my team
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    EXGP and EXLv

    My EXGP have stopped at 495 and have been on it for ages, also my EXlv is 22/50 and that also has stopped moving, anyone know why, ive played over 400 game
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    Managers help

    What do you mean, better english please
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    Managers help

    Whats going on, i have experience level of 22/50 but im still having trouble unlocking a great manager, i have a wealth of talent i cant even use as the manager i have just now only has managment skills of 720, this is a joke i need a good manager, anyone got any info on this
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    How do you manually register a player to your myclub

    ive worked it out, no need for reply anymore
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    How do you manually register a player to your myclub

    How do you manually register a player to your myclub team as theres only an option to pick team by strength or if you click on a player it has only the option to unregister a player not register a player
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    Help saving my formation

    My manager uses 4-2-2-2 so ive edited the formation to suit me but its still 4-2-2-2 but everytime i get a new player and register himmy formation goes back to the default 4-2-2-2 why is this, how do i save my 4-2-2-2 to keep it from changing
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    Connection Lost

    Cant get online keep getting lost connection to sever, anyone got any help on this issue. Im using the internet through a wired connection
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    Formation help

    why cant i go to a 4-3-3 formation,is it because my managers fromation is 4-2-2-2
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    Pes 2015 online coach mode

    Can anyone tell me where online coach mode is this year as i love coach mode and putting yourself up against other people who prefer coach mode
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    Red shade over icons

    Can anyone help with a nagging problem, when your setting out your team to play an oppenent sometimes the players is shaded with a red , for example your defenders are yellow icons but sometimes theres a red colour covering the body, why is this