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    any ps3 UK OF with the missing chamions league teams?

    hi all, i'm looking for a ps3 OF the UK version that have the missing champions league teams. for a metter of fack i'm just looking for maccabi haifa. i've been looking for all the OF and didn't find them. isn't it anough that we are the worest team ever in the history of the CL? no points...
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    To those of you waiting for the Von Option File 2010...

    request from israel hi muff, i've been playing with your option file on pes09 and it was great, so thank you. but i have got to ask your favor for making maccabi haifa. i am from israel, and until we have team in the champions league, konaki don't put them in the game. it's not enough that we...
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    Von Option File (V2.04 NOW ONLINE - 2009/10 Season Update)

    hi muff, first of all i want say thanks for the great patch. second thing is a problem with the cheering songs, as you said i have made an playlist under the name of konami_pes , i can hear the songs on the ps menu, but when i enter the edit in the pes game, under libery of mp3 it sais there...
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    hi Q?

    el ahaly vs zamalek i guess i know too much about soccer from all over the world , and by that also some of the egypt league clubs like el ahly and zamalek also some good players like mido ... you know somthing about the usraeli league (it aint so good either...) anyway enjoy the game
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    hi Q?

    salam al ahali is a soccer club in the egypt league , no ? but u can't beat me , i am the champ of pes since 1996 when it called "goal storm" got the game yet ?
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    hi Q?

    yes it does ... i hope they are gonna change it the fastest they can , and i might meet you on the net for a game (just don't take al-ahali...) the israeli
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    second half ....

    why every time in the second half my players response to my "clik" one minute latter ?
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    in israel it coast something like 75$ ... but i guess u r gonna get it from somewhere alse ...
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    need help please ...

    it's my first time tring to connect to network , the test conection is o.k but after when i try connect it always keep telling me "DNAS error (-402)" , anyone have this kind of problem or someone know how to fix it ? thank you vary much ...
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    [PES5] Team-pes-x Ppf-patch

    it's amaizing ... it's my first time i patch a game , and i had all of them since playstation 1 , and i just wanna tell you guys that it is so amaizing , the kits , the music etc' . thank you pes-x avi
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    [PES5] Team-pes-x Ppf-patch

    can someone help me please ? i have been follow the instractions and i burned something like 10 cd's but all the time when i put it in my ps2 it says : "this disk cannot be played" , someone had this kind of problem ?