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    !Pro Evo 5 Kits!

    Been away for a while idea what you are talking about! Excuse my ignorance, please explain mate.
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    Appearences and stats by various makers;)

    any chance of doing michael carricks face?
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    SpireKopite's Premiership Appearances Thread

    You alright mate can you do a decent michael carrick and anton ferdinand. Also (i'll regret asking for this) ...Tottenham reject Peter Crouch!! I've made him as skinny as, but his face is too normal looking.
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    PES5 - Jay's Editing

    some good faces. any chance of telling us how to make em like you have?
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    Rayishere + Pliskin666's Appearance thread - Requests Being Taken.

    Can you do a decent Michael Carrick and Antone Ferdinand?
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    !Pro Evo 5 Kits!

    A few more kits for you girls and boys:- Blackburn(away) - Black NC A5 Grey Off C10 Blue B29 Marseilles(h) - White NC C5 white C7 Blue A19 Blue B21 Blue Marseilles Away - Gold NC A8 (Blk) Off C12 (Light Blue) B37 (Navy) PSG(HOME) - Navy NC C5 (R) Off B19 (Navy)...
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    !Pro Evo 5 Kits!

    have done a blackburn away but have been 2 drunk to post it (it is xmas!)!! will post wen i get round to it if i have anyones attention, where can i get a decent brazil and england badge, both with stars on em?
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    !Pro Evo 5 Kits!

    mate you have done a good job on the kits. i've got a few away kits villa - yellow (red 31, green 27,blue 9) Collar B5 (blk) B10 (blk) C1(blk) C28(blk) B'ham - White No Collar B2 (RED) - R16,G3,B3 C9 (R) C7(R) C28(R) Bolton - Blue (R0,G2,B4) N.C. C7(Grey) C5(Grey)...
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    All My Premiership Kits

    done man u home shirt - red 1. b1(black) 2. c1(black) 3. a16(white) 4. a2(white) shorts a10 white, black, white, white socks c4 black, red, black have done spurs h and 3rd, bolton home and brazil but will wait for feedback on this kit before posting them
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    Apperance's (Various players PES5)

    ive done pablo garcias face for real madrid. nose type 8, height -2, width -2 cheeks type 8, shape 0 mouth type 1, size -1, position +1 jaw type 7, chin -2, width -2 Hair - special 148. Anybody know what boots and stuff he wears(bands etc)
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    Transferring Option File from Pes4 to Pes 5?

    dont you think the editing is sooo much better on pes5 than pes4. done the spurs and man utd kits. they look spot on, im well chuffed!
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    Brasilianboy09 Appearances (taking requests)

    can you do defoe's face from tottenham? One's ive seen before look more like william defoe, the actor from spiderman! How about 'el nino' fernando torres as well? I've tried but cant get his hair right. Keep Up the great work mate. Also for papa lazarou, park has moved from psv to...
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    What Is Your Best Eleven In The World???

    gk - Casillas lb - Ashley Cole rb - Salgado cb - lucio cb - terry m - jaoquin m - ronaldinho m - gerrard m - ballack (in an advanced role) m - robben s - henry
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    Oliver Kahn

    yeah his face is on there. he's a scary looking bastard aint he?!
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    lookd like fredi kanoute
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    nice one mate ill try it out
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    Darren Anderton

    no he didnt! venables gave him his debut. anderton was not a bad player for england and had quite a good goal record in an era where shearer scored all our goals. dazza was a good servant to the club, if only he didnt get bloody injured all the time!
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    Bayern munich and other german kits

    Im sorry, but what?
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    Bayern munich and other german kits

    nice one. how do you put pics in the posts like that?
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    Bayern munich and other german kits

    anybody done the sponsor on leverkusens shirt with the in game editor. pics please if you have