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    [PC] PES 2016 SMoKE patch 8.0 (ANNOUNCED)

    Managed to get it downloaded. For anybody else from the UK who has had issues, I basically had to run a proxy to get it downloaded. Still having some issues though. The patch ran fine in offline mode, I switched to online and again, it ran fine. Then I switched back to offline and the game...
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    Changing kit numbers?

    I love these forums!
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    Changing kit numbers?

    Apologies for asking what may seem like a silly question but, for the life of me I can't seem to find the option to do this. I'm just playing in a normal league season.
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    [PC] PES 2016 SMoKE patch 8.0 (ANNOUNCED)

    Dude all your links infected my PC with malware (media fire/mega). Where can I get this patch without having my browser hijacked? Your 'official links' don't work. Thanks.
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    PES Professionals Patch 2016 V4.1

    Doesn't work for me. Is the v4.1 the game version or patch version? Does it matter which version of the game I'm running? I installed it to the correct directory, started it up from the patch selector and when starting up the game I get no update, just the most basic of vanilla games (I also...
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    Some help please

    I joust bought pes 2016 and was looking for the latest Smoke patch. I found the official site but, all the links (media fire/mega) are infecting me with malware and hijacking my browser. I've been using them for years and never had this issue. Does anybody know a safe place where I could get...