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  1. M 2012 Patch 3.4 Download

    I think you are over reacting. You probebly talking about ml. He probebly transferd for barca to bayern if you looked at him then it would say used to play for barca. Then he transferd from bayern to another team and then it say used to play for bayern cause it always shows the last team the...
  2. M

    what type of matches will improve my completion rate ?

    Won the league and Champions League double. Bought a sub RB named Brayford. Now starting transfer window.
  3. M

    Switching recipient of passes

    Hi there, this is a thread where you can download resources for creating Liga ZON Sagres and Liga Orangina (Portuguese First and Second Division) in Pro Evolution Soccer 2011.
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    2. Bundesliga kits/emblems/players HELP NEEDED!

    As you may have noticed, most of the Barca muppets like to push alot of players forward, sometimes with around 6 players in your own half so even with "Super Defensive" setting in your team you will be able to score against them in a counter attack or by possession and frustration in midfield...
  5. M

    Mrgametight's Base Option File 2011 (US PS3)

    I had to download it via system update in my PS3 menu 1st, then the option 'download' appeared in my menu (underneath install). Download again (via HTTP) and then install. Thats how I done mine.
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    [PS3]milenec11 GREEK LEAGUES. BLES 1408

    I used to do the blocker in 2011, it really worked, but not in 2012, the IA handle to put the ball always above you player with millimetric precision. Since in 2012 you can control the goalkeeper, you can to move him to the far post before the kick. You can see it in this video...
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    USL Pro Import Pack

    Hello there' i'll post my work here and i hope you like it my first face Phil Jones
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    [LEAGUE] Serie B (Italian D2) creation thread

    It looks very good! Btw,did the patch adjusts the player names and player transfers? Thank for your job!
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    Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 Patch V.0.4 !

    Hi everybody. I'm looking for helpers with players, stats and appearances for the above league. If anybody knows in-depth information about any team in this league please post here. Kits and GK kit pictures would be advantageous too. I am going to create this league as opposed to Npower...
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    Is the Premier League License Vital?

    If you don't change it to semi assisted as mentioned above, you have to press L1 every time you pass the ball in order to control the player who receives the pass.
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    [FACES] Faces by Rafiki1313 ( Cuneca, Deulofeu, Soriano, y más )

    I've gone to Arsenal btw and i'm halfway through the third season and I have a pretty amazing team. They had sold Wilshere and Szczesny though so I was bummed about that but they had bought Wilshere. Lloris-90 Ramos-87 Kompany-89 Vermaelen-85 Gibbs-81 Ramsey/Arteta-Both 82 Silva-91...
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    PES 2012 review (how is see game from neutral aspect and real life foobal)

    My apologies for the missing numbers. I was drunk when I took pictures of the formula, so now I can't read them! I plan to rebuild and get the numbers together soon. Promise
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    Micro stuttering.

    Yes, I have as well. I thought it was a server issue but found if I switched from Firefox to Safari I could get on. Try switching Internet Explorer chap and see if that helps.