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    PS3 Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 PATCH FILES [NEW]

    thank you for this wonderful wonderful patch... :D too bad it goes freezed out everytime you play community, can anybody confirm it, or is it just me?
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    G.T.M Pro World pes 2011 OF (PS3/UK)

    is this OF compatible with Bles 01020 clean version (without datapack/DLC) and still version 1.00 ? thanks
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    EU OF All licensed

    is it compatible with PES EU clean version (without datapack) version 1.00 ?
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    Gunner11’s PES2011 PS3 Option File [US Version]

    that's the problem for me too... :( is it possible to install dlc via usb (on original BD) because my ps3 is not connected to internet
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    [PS3 US version]Pelegrini90's Option File

    i have PES2011 US Version and i have download your OF, but i can not make it work because i can't install datapack 7.00 i'm using original FW 3.56 without internet connection, how can i install dlc on my ps3 ? please help
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    Mrgametight's Base Option File 2011 (US PS3)

    sorry if it's already been posted, i have PES2011 US Version (BLUS 30610) and do not have an internet connection, so i haven't download datapack and patches (still version 1.00)....i have download your OF but it says that mine has a different version.... what should i do? if i have to install...
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    Pes 09 Favourite Trick!

    how do you do that....?
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    PES 2009 New Moves (With Explanation)

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    PES 2009 New Moves (With Explanation)

    how do you perform a 'cristiano ronaldo' run - dribble ? where he let the ball under his leg and tap it from behind sideway??? 2:43 - 2:45 5:22 - 5:27
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    Why do I suck so much?

    i play 4-4-2 with two wingers, 1 DMF and 1 AMF CB, RB and LB + DMF all high on defense. 2 strikers and 2 wingers plus AMF is low on defense and high on attack. That give you plenty of options going forward but also give a cover for your defenders..... just my 2 cents
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    Why do I suck so much?

    Edit Formations and Strategy so the team will play closer as you would like (attack minded, counter attack, low on defending at least for 3 players upfront). That and try to adjust your timing on the cross would help a lot.
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    So after both pro Evo and Fifa have been out for a couple of months

    at the moment, FIFA is improving a lot compare to PES, no doubt about graphics, presentation movement etc, EA have learn and try to bridge the gap with Konami. But....if i want to play a football game, i want the game that can represent the best Ball physics. And Fifa did not and...
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    "I don't like PES'09" Hate it? Well let us know here and only here.

    PES 2009 doesn't feels right for me.... :( that's why i just bought Winning Eleven 2009 ;D first impressions to follow
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    Favourite Kind Of Goal?

    - Lob the Goalie - Headers - Screamer from outside the box
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    Von Option File (V2.04 NOW ONLINE - 2009/10 Season Update)

    just register to say thank you, you have done a wonderful work.... i really appreciate it :D