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    Messi shooting trick

    3 Weak Foot Frequency & 90 Technique. :P
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    ML Negotiations recomendation

    Kruger Khumalo Messi Pelaez Matuidi Hetemaj Ederson Matsoukas Rooney Nani Anderson
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    what players to buy with popularity D

    Hetemaj Matuidi Ederson :)
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    Player Development Questions

    No, Wrong again. I have Maldini. His Growth is Late Peak so he can grow when he's older. ;)
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    Wierd COM Transfers

    Lita to Real Madrid for me. >_<
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    I prefer not to buy him. Underrated.
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    Player Development Questions

    Yes. Every player will be reborn when they retire. The cycle goes on and on. I'm still waiting for Maradona, Crujff & Ronaldinho's sons. Lol. Djibril Cisse...The guy with white hair? He's fast.
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    Updated Stats (For improved players)

    I was going to suggest the same thing. Plus more people are leaving PES6 for PES08. Now so...
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    Player Development Questions

    1) Players may over develop or under develop depending how much you use them. If you have them as a reserve, their stats will rise to follow the develop line wether you use them or not. It may go a little under. 2) Players in their late, mid 30's will be reborn as a new 17 year old player...
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    need a LB

    Drenthe (Real Madrid) Bale (Spurs) Nyatanga (Wales)
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    young player

    Lennon Martins Drenthe Matuidi Messi Arda Turan Kaka Sergio Ramos
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    Wierd COM Transfers

    I have Transfers Frequency on High and the other teams are selling & trading alot. But this is where it gets strange. Trades (AC Milan) Kaladze >< Gerrard (Liverpool) (Man United) Tevez >< Lucas (Liverpool) (Real Madrid) Drenthe >< Thuram (Barcalona) (Arsenal) Wallcott >< Klose (Bayern...
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    Formation Reccomendations

    I try and fit my players so they each have their own part of the pitch. Helps possession. ;)
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    Defending tips for dummies

    When your opponant are attacking down the wing and trying to break in, just try sprinting into them to get the ball. Don't use your CB's though, Use your SB's.
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    The Best Striker On The Game

    Rooney & Maradona are the shiz for me.
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    need well known Strikers!!!

    No Messi? Shame on you.
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    PES 2008 - Master League Young Improving Players

    Just bought a player called Chapi. 17 and his Aglility stat is 97 and hes fast. Just need to work on stamina and body balance. Matuidi I've found to be the best DMF in the WHOLE game after we his his peak. Noteable stats are: Free Kicks, Technique, Long Pass. His technique goes up without you...
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    young player

    I'm class 'S' and Robinho or Lennon won't join me. Odd.
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    Master League, So Far.....

    Lucky for you. I can't play a match on Amatuer in ML without drawing. Matches seem harder in ML. Now I'm undefeated for a whole season nearly. Time up go up a difficulty.
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    The Player Form Arrows Explained! Finally!

    Already knew this. It tells you in the PES6 strategy guide.